Wednesday, November 22, 2017

To Solve A Problem: Talk About It

Most problems are hard to solve unless you talk about it.

Whatever is standing in your way, my advice is to get over it, get under it, get around it, just for heaven's sake talk about it.

Start the conversation. That's where great things begin.

-- Doug Smith

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ten Years!

It's the ten year anniversary of the formation of doug smith training!

Thank you all the wonderful clients and customers and learners!

Let's keep learning!

-- Doug Smith

Monday, November 20, 2017

Talk About It

Once you realize what you need to take about with another person, talk about it!

Delaying the conversation will not help. Ignoring the need will hurt the situation. Talk about it.

-- Doug Smith

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Start the Conversation

Are you putting off an important conversation? I do it sometimes. It ends up nagging at me. The thing to do is talk. Get the subject open. Start the conversation.

Delayed conversations don't get easier. Now is the time.

-- Doug Smith

Thursday, November 2, 2017


I specialize in workshops to help you solve problems and achieve your goals by sparking and developing your creativity, clarity, courage, and compassion in these key areas:

- leadership
- project management
- communication
- productivity
- creative and performing arts

I take a customized approach to bringing sharply focused, action-based workshops to organizations.

How much time do you have to train your people to dramatically improve their skills at solving problems and achieving your goals?

Here is a selection of my most popular, and successful workshops:

Supervising for Success - Two day workshop for front line leaders. You'll start on your goals and create the alignment and traction you need to achieve them. Ideal for front line leaders in any organization, we have deep experience (and time-tested tools) especially suited for leaders in the retail and service industries. $149 per participant.

Communicating for Results - One day workshop to help you develop the skills you need to create deeper, more effective conversations, build stronger relationships, and communicate with tact, respect, diplomacy, and professionalism. Add a second day to develop more productive meetings and learn how to deliver more powerful and influential presentations. One day program $99 per participant. Two day program: $149 per participant.

Creative Project Management - What if your goal requires a project? Bringing together the best (and fastest to learn and implement) project management tools this workshop will help you with whatever phase of your project you find yourself -- from launch to completion. One day program: $99 per participant. Two day program: $149 per participant.

Centered Problem Solving - If problems are making a mess of you or your team, turn that energy around with some focused and applied centered problem solving. We've taken some time-tested tools and processes, blended them with our unique approach, and created new ways to focus, analyze, create possibilities, evaluate choices, and solve problems. Available as a one-day (exploration and discovery) and as a two-day (exploration, discovery, and application) workshop, Centered Problem Solving is an investment that will pay for itself over and over. One day program: $99 per participant. Two day version (work on solving real problems!) $149 per participant.

Contact me about bringing one or more of these workshops to your location. I'm located in the Bucks County, PA area so if you're near there there is no extra charge for travel.




"Doug had an awesome way of delivering the content. Great advice and information to take back to the work place."
-- Tosha, Cherry Hill, NJ

"The enthusiasm of Doug was awesome! I definitely felt I learned more because he had many examples."
-- Jaimee, Des Moines, IA

"I learned so much more than I expected... I will definitely take these skills back to the workplace and share this knowledge with my fellow employees!"
-- Courtney, Schaumburg, IL

"Doug's positive personality really helped make this course very interesting and worth while."
-- Breanna, Bloomington, MN

"Doug was great! I loved how he shared life experiences to teach! Great guy!"
-- Lisa, New Haven, CT

"Overall wonderful experience. I've gained a lot more knowledge than I had anticipated. Great leader who kept the whole class engaged and thinking."
-- Ashley, Baltimore, MD

"Doug was very engaging & kept the class moving efficiently.
-- Sarah Pollen, Frederick, MD

"This training was outstanding! Doug did an amazing job. He was entertaining and knowledgable. Thank you for a wonderful two day training."
-- Stephanie, Washington, DC




Monday, October 30, 2017

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Get Thru The Fire

Red Center Vortex - Doug Smith
Red Center Vortex

You don't need a goal to get thru a fire but it might keep you from getting burned.

-- Doug Smith

Evolve Anyway

Are You Evolving? Doug Smith
Are You Evolving?
We don't always evolve painlessly.

Evolve anyway.

-- Doug Smith

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

No Need to Fear Creativity

Beams Afoot - Doug Smith - Developing creativity
Beams Afoot
As much as we wish for that creative spark, some people are afraid of the flames.

Let creativity help you conquer your fear.

-- Doug Smith

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Reject Rejection

The rejection of our creative work says nothing about its value.

Not everyone will get it. We won't all understand. It can take many iterations, many attempts, even many years for people to embrace the creative output that we produce. It's still valuable.

Hold onto your creativity and then let it go -- let it go INTO your work. Let it go INTO your life. Let it go INTO your soul.

Rejection is just a point of view.

-- Doug Smith

Saturday, September 9, 2017

An Endless Supply of Solutions

creative problem solving - planet 5 - doug smith

The creative problem solver in you always has more solutions than you need.

-- Doug Smith

Add A Creative Flair

Moving Spectre, by douglas brent smith

Just for today, add a creative flair to something that is usually routine.

-- Doug Smith

Creative Power

Into the Far Dimension by douglas brent smith

Creativity + discipline = power.

-- Doug Smith

Your Creative Spot

Find the place where you are the most creative and go there regularly.

-- Doug Smith


Creativity evaporates fear.

-- Doug Smith

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Two Parts of Creativity

How would you define creativity?

Some people see it as a flash of inspiration. It's the appearance of a wonderful and mysterious muse. Suddenly great and beautiful things happen.

For others, it's not like that at all. Why wait for the muse? Sometimes the muse is fickle and hard to find. We need creativity all of the time. We can't wait for brilliant flashes of insight. We need to conjure up that magic ourselves.

Creativity is not just inspiration -- it's also dedication and hard work.

Put in the work. Watch the magic happen.

-- Doug Smith

Your Genius

The genius inside you knows how to find you.

-- Doug Smith