Coaching Calls

You've set great goals. You have a plan. Now, you just need a little help to stay on track and follow-through.

Coaching is a proven tool for achieving your goals. Coaches inspire you, give you much needed feedback, perform an occasional reality check, and hold you accountable. They help you generate new ideas, break through barriers, and focus.

The problem with coaching is that it is usually expensive. I've got a way for you to get the coaching you need in a fast, affordable way: group coaching calls.

Call in from anywhere and check in with the group on how you're doing. Gain insights into new ways to achieve your goals. Put yourself out there just a bit and benefit from the accountability and process tools that group coaching provides. Take pride in your goals and progress you're making toward achieving them.

Whether you are working on individual goals or part of a team managing a great project, coaching helps you relentlessly act on your plan. You'll benefit from my years of coaching, project management and leadership while also benefiting from the wisdom of the group. And, better than that, you'll likely help other people as well.

It's the perfect way to stay on track to achieve your goals.

Contact me today to join our next coaching group. You'll find that it's convenient, effective, and affordable.

-- doug smith

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