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Public Seminars

Leadership training - New York City
New York, NY

Upcoming SkillPath/NST public seminars facilitated by Doug Smith:

The Complete Course on How to Supervise People - Register here
  • February 28: New York, NY
  • April 1: Elmira, NY
  • April 27: Allentown, PA
Fundamentals of Successful Project Management  - Register here
  • May 12 and 13: Portland, ME
  • May 14 and 15: Manchester, NH
  • May 18 and 19: Quincy, MA
  • May 20 and 21: Worcester, MA
  • June 15 and 16: Tampa, FL
Excelling As A Highly Effective Team Leader - Register here
  • March 23 and 24: Annapolis, MD
  • March 25 and 26: Baltimore, MD
  • June 9 and 10: Concord, NH
  • June 11 and 12: Portsmouth, NH
Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor - Register here
  • March 30: Buffalo, NY
  • March 31: Jamestown, NY
  • April 2: Scranton, PA
How to Excel at Managing and Supervising People - Register here
  • January 28 and 29: Augusta, ME
  • January 30 and 31: Portland, ME
  • February 24 and 25: Cherry Hill, NJ
  • February 26 and 27: New York, NY
  • April 14 and 15: Richmond, VA
  • April 28 and 29: Lancaster, PA
  • April 30 and May 1: Harrisburg, PA
Management & Leadership Skills for First Time Supervisors & Managers - Register here
  • April 16 and 17: Lynchburg, VA

Augusta, ME
Leadership Workshop in Cherry Hill, NJ
Cherry  Hill, NJ
Portland, Me - Kristen keeps the ideas flowing...

Portland, ME

Fantastic pace, relevant examples, respectful approach for differing opinions, out of box ideas and examples kept class engaged. Excellent class!
-- Erika, Augusta, ME

Augusta, ME

Toms River, NJ

"Doug is an excellent instructor. He is very knowledgable and relatable and made the material fun and easy to learn."
-- Beth, Toms River

College Park, MD

Frederick, MD

Baltimore, MD
Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD

Chambersburg, PA

a great group of goal achievers in Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA

Gustavo, Kate, Jim Tina, Donna, Diana, Christy, Joanna
Atlantic City, NJ

Chambersburg, PA

Hagerstown, MD

Chambersburg, PA

Statesville, NC
Statesville, NC

Dover, DE

Harrisburg, PA

King of Prussia, PA

Scranton, PA training, public seminar
Scranton, PA

Wilkes Barre, PA

Wilmington, DE
Wilmington, DE
Project Management Training in Arlington, VA
Arlington, VA

College Park, MD - Project Management Training
College Park, MD

Atlantic City, NJ

Leadership Workshop - King of Prussia, PA
King of Prussia, PA

Chambersburg, PA training
Chambersburg, PA

Saddle Brook, NJ

"Doug was very interesting, informative and extremely pleasant. I would definitely love to attend another workshop that he teaches."
Stacy, Toms River, NJ

Excellent seminar. I can't wait to put what I've learned to use.
-- Cody, Richmond, VA

"Fantastic! Doug was awesome! I was very excited to attend this workshop and expand my knowledge. I ended up learning many more skills than I expected and it really was enjoyable and relatable. Thank you!"
-- Ashley, Virginia Beach, VA


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Compassionate Feedback

What do you do when you know that your feedback for someone on your team will be tough to hear?

Before I learned better, I would sometimes just keep the feedback to myself. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, after all. And they made it this far without that feedback so...

But that's not the most compassionate approach. Withholding something that could make someone's life and performance better is not being sensitive, it's being ineffective. Tell them what's going on. Tell them what you are thinking. Offer your suggestions.

It can still be kind. It can even be graceful. It might even contain a bit of humor. But it's best as feedback when it is clear and to the point.

Prepare for that difficult feedback. You already know that there are right ways and wrong ways to deliver feedback. Plan, and practice. Get it right.

Before you give feedback imagine how it would feel to hear that directed at you -- and then adjust accordingly.
Be the boss you always wante…

Learn From Feedback

Are you getting all the feedback that you need - or do you sometimes avoid it because you won't like what it says?

I've been known to avoid some critical feedback. It doesn't make me feel good. Sometimes, there's nothing that I can do about it anyway. But, by avoiding the feedback altogether I could miss the piece of positive feedback inside, or the advice that truly matters, or an opportunity to communicate more clearly and reach better understandings and agreements.

Feedback can feel like hard work, but it's worth it.

If we want to achieve our biggest goals it helps to know how we're doing along the way.

Goal achievers learn from feedback every day.

We don't have to apply every piece of feedback. And for heaven's sake, we don't have to take it personally. As my much respected graduate school professor Dr. Jay Desko has said, "feedback says more about the person providing the feedback than it does about the person receiving the feedback." …

Truth or Tales?

True story: when I was much younger I was known to tell a tale or two. They were usually rooted in reality, but I'd embellish the truth to make it more interesting. Like that story I'd tell about my trip to McSorley's in New York when I ran into John Lennon. We had a nice conversation. Except, he wasn't there. I thought of him, and he lived in New York at the time, but seriously was much more likely to be on the other side of town. Go figure.
How many times did I tell that tale? Maybe once or twice. Once to my best friend at the time. Did she believe me? Not if she knew me well enough...
How about you? Do your fish stories end up with bigger fish than you actually caught? Do you augment reality with some great tales? I got a great gift last December from one of my good friends and fraternity brother, David Spiegel. It's a coffee mug with the saying "Keep telling the stories" written on it. I love it. I don't think that he meant "tell tales."  I…

Take the Feedback

Feedback can be hard to take but far worse to ignore.

Take the feedback. What you do with it is your business, but take it. Hear it. Stay curious. Move ahead.

-- doug smith

Keep Getting Feedback

Are you a strong boss?

Are you totally sure of yourself?

Is your team a wild success?

Get feedback. Pay attention. Assume nothing.

The stronger the boss, the more compelling is the need for honest feedback.

Promote honest feedback, listen, and continually improve.

-- Doug Smith

When In Doubt...

When in doubt about what to talk about with your team, talk about goals.

-- doug smith

Clarify Your Goals

Clarity on your goals gives you strength.

-- doug smith