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Balance Requires Movement

Can you stand still on a bicycle? How about a unicycle?  I remember trying to learn a trick during my Mustard Seed Theatre Company days that involved juggling while standing on a teeter-totter. "You've got to keep moving..." said Peter. "Standing still won't get it done." In today's world balance is highly prized. We want balanced, centered lives where our work hats do not prevent us from wearing the other hats of our lives. But, balance doesn't require stasis. Instead, to stay balanced, we need to keep moving. Steady, controlled, disciplined, calm, we move and find a rhythm that works. How is your balance today? -- doug smith 

It's Your Choice

How do you look at problems? Do you see them as annoyances, or do you recognize the challenge? The way you look at your problems determines what you do with them. You could be annoyed -- or you could solve a challenge. It's your choice. -- doug smith  

Get That Reward

Every decent goal comes with a reward. In addition to achieving the desired performance, you often get rewarded with recognition, with promotions, with smiles. Achieving your goals gets things done. When is the best time to achieve your goals? As soon as you can. The sooner you achieve a goal the sooner you can reward yourself for achieving your goal. What are you waiting for? -- doug smith  

Master Something...

Are you good at everything? Me, either. The list of people who are good at everything is short. That's OK. You don't need to master everything, but you DO need to master something. What are you working on to master these days? -- doug smith  

Healthy and Sometimes Right...

Healthy self-esteem doesn't mean that you're always right -- it means that you're alright even when you're wrong. -- doug smith

Solving the Next One

We sometimes keep score too quickly and too soon. A pause in our pace might recalibrate the race. That problem is probably solvable, even though it does not feel that way right now. Remember all the problems you've already solved and you'll feel better about solving the next one. You are remarkable, you are experienced, and you are ready for this challenge. That is precisely why this challenge is facing you now. -- doug smith

Change Credibility

You've probably heard this expression since you were a child: "do as I say, not as I do..." or some variation. And yet, as leaders, we often expect people to adopt a change we haven't fully supported or even adopted ourselves. That new software. That new attendance policy. That reviewed customer service skill. We cling to the past even as we promote the future. That's not for you. If you are a leader in a hybrid environment and you spend every working day at the onsite work location -- what kind of picture of hybrid does that paint for your team? How supported will your hybrid team members feel if they can only gain your support in the office? If you catch yourself promoting something that you don't do, that's cause for reflection. Asking someone else to change something you haven't already changed is curious indeed. If people have to ask "why" then it's clear you're not already doing what you want them to do. -- doug smith  

Learn It Now

What you learn today is valuable for every day that follows.  Learn it now -- you may not get another chance. -- doug smith 

Play On

How resilient are you? Would your team say the same thing? So many times in life (and in leadership) I have been disappointed. Whether it was circumstances, scarcities, or troubling people, it felt easy to give up.  But even when the cards seem stacked against you -- even when defeat seems certain -- if you persist you will learn far more than you ever thought possible. I remember a time long ago when as a high school coach for a middle school basketball team, drawing a bunch of inexperienced and un-developed players and doing my best to coach them beyond their perceived weaknesses into an enthusiastic team capable of embracing of who we were -- rank underdogs who were surrounded by supremely talented teams who always won more games than us until the playoffs came, the games mattered more, and somehow we managed to hustle our way to a trophy. It was fun, but just before it became fun it was a lot of hard and sometimes discouraging work. When in your life do you remember overcoming the

Sharing Happiness

Moods are contagious. Leaders touch so many people -- in person and virtually -- that our moods spread far and wide. What kind of mood do you want to increase? What if we worked more at sharing happiness? Tell people the news that uplifts them about how their performance makes customers happy. Share recognition for that big project that you just finished. Smile as we greet our team members and our customers and our peers.  Sharing happiness increases it. Isn't that a great idea? -- doug smith

No More Cranky Leaders, Please

Have you ever worked for a cranky leader? Someone who can't be happy no matter what? Grumble, grumble, grumble! It's easy to fall into a habit of frowning, scowling, and growling. Easy, but silly -- because it does not good, I've tried being cranky and it just makes things worse. Stay positive, be positive, create positive change. Your mood is SO contagious, why not spread a positive mood? -- doug smith