Supervising for Success

High performance leadership training for front line leaders. You'll start on your goals and create the alignment and traction you need to achieve them. Ideal for supervisors and managers in any organization, we have deep experience (and time-tested tools) especially suited for leaders in the retail and service industries.

Seriously, every front line leader should attend this workshop. It will help you become more effective AND enjoy your job more. 

You probably already know what doesn't work. Why not explore, practice, and put to use what does work when it comes to:

  • Communicating for results
  • Motivating your team members
  • Setting and achieving meaningful goals
  • Conducting difficult conversations
  • Improving performance
  • Building your team
  • Coaching and developing others
  • Solving performance problems
  • Managing your time
  • Turning chaos into organized energy
  • Finding and using the right conflict resolution style
  • Aligning your work with what matters most

Supervising for Success is customizable for your organization. Contact me today for details.

Communicating for Results

For anyone who struggles with interpersonal communication because people have told you that you are too direct, or not direct enough, or too focused, or not focused enough.

Learn how to deal with the difficult people in your life, instead of saying what usually gets you in trouble. Practice thinking on your feet and reacting calmly under pressure. Take that foot out of your mouth and put it down with assertive assurance that you're communicating with tact and professionalism.

"I wish everyone I work with could complete a course like this, everyone could move mountains and achieve much more success if we all could communicate like this."
-- Brandon, Pittsburgh, PA

"Information was very useful and I really believe I can now learn to be more tactful when communicating to anyone."
-- Angelica, Akron, OH

Project Management for Front Line Leaders

When it comes to project management, it is impossible to over-communicate. The biggest temptation to a project manager is to communicate less.  During this workshop you'll explore and practice the fundamental project management tools while integrating professional communication skills to build relationships and teams so that your projects will be both successful and fun.

Bringing together the best (and fastest to learn and implement) project management and communication tools this workshop will help you with whatever phase of your project you find yourself -- from launch to completion. Two days.

"Doug Smith used relevant examples, engaged the audience and got us involved. No 'sleepiness' from me for both days!!! The 2 days didn't drag, went by fast - full of knowledge!!"
-- Michele, New York, NY

Centered Problem Solving

If problems are making a mess of you or your team, turn that energy around with some focused and applied centered problem solving. We've taken some time-tested tools and processes, blended them with our unique approach, and created new ways to focus, analyze, create possibilities, evaluate choices, and solve problems. Available as a one-day (exploration and discovery) and as a two-day (exploration, discovery, and application) workshop, Centered Problem Solving is an investment that will pay for itself over and over. 

Contact me about bringing one or more of these workshops to your location. 




"Doug had an awesome way of delivering the content. Great advice and information to take back to the work place."
-- Tosha, Cherry Hill, NJ

"The enthusiasm of Doug was awesome! I definitely felt I learned more because he had many examples."
-- Jaimee, Des Moines, IA

"I learned so much more than I expected... I will definitely take these skills back to the workplace and share this knowledge with my fellow employees!"
-- Courtney, Schaumburg, IL

"Doug's positive personality really helped make this course very interesting and worth while."
-- Breanna, Bloomington, MN

"Doug was great! I loved how he shared life experiences to teach! Great guy!"
-- Lisa, New Haven, CT

"Overall wonderful experience. I've gained a lot more knowledge than I had anticipated. Great leader who kept the whole class engaged and thinking."
-- Ashley, Baltimore, MD

"Doug was very engaging & kept the class moving efficiently.
-- Sarah Pollen, Frederick, MD

"This training was outstanding! Doug did an amazing job. He was entertaining and knowledgable. Thank you for a wonderful two day training."
-- Stephanie, Washington, DC




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