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Great Goals

You don't have to trick yourself or hyper-motivate yourself to achieve your goals -- just pick goals that you really care about. It's not a great goal until you can't stop thinking about it. -- doug smith  

By invitation...

Whenever I ask the question "is there too much drama at work?" the answer is a resounding and nearly unanimous "yes!"  What do you think? Where does all that drama come from? Drama comes from conflict, from unmet needs, from interpersonal problems, from economic hardship, from overwork and overwhelm...drama comes from an endless supply of sources. But... Drama enters on our own invitation. You can have the problems and the drama, or you can simply deal with the problems and leave the drama where it belongs: in entertainment. Having worked for many years in entertainment I learned that drama is better left on the stage and we need better ways to meet the rage.  What do you think? -- doug smith  

Careful Distancer

Sometimes the best way to lead is to get out of the way -- but not sa far away that you aren't available. Once you know the difference -- and calibrate the distance -- it all gets easier. -- doug smith  

Keep Them Working

Are you a hands-on leader? Do you get involved in the work of the work? How much time do you spend "in the trenches" whatever your field is, working like the rest of your crew? Ideas flow. Communication improves. Morale mysteriously grows. And... Some of our best thinking is done with our hands.  If you're blessed with hands that work, keep them working. -- doug smith

Joy In The Goal

  Quick -- think about the goal that brought you the most joy. Maybe it was a big goal, maybe it was a small goal. It could have given you trouble to achieve it, but somehow you did persist and did get it done. Have you got one in mind? Let your thoughts linger on that for just a moment because you deserve that joy. When there is joy in working the goal there will surely be joy in achieving it. If there is no joy in working the goal there probably won't be much joy in achieving it, either. Look for signs of joy early and often. You deserve those kinds of goals. -- doug smith