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Identify the Vision

Identify the vision and the goal is easier to see. -- Doug Smith

No Permission Needed

We don't need permission to live creatively. -- Doug Smith

There Is Always More

That feeling that we get: "is that all there is?" is just a sign to set a better goal. You are never done. There is always more. -- Doug Smith

Bigger Goals

Always be ready to set a bigger goal. -- Doug Smith

Set Quality Goals

The quality of your goals changes the quality of your life. -- Doug Smith

Problem Solving and Success

We don't have to solve every problem to be successful, but it's hard to be successful without solving some problems. -- Doug Smith

What if?

What if we talked about our goals instead of what we do for a living? -- Doug Smith

Create Those Conversations

The conversations we avoid are the conversations we most need to create. -- Doug Smith

Room To Fly

Your wings won't work until you make room to fly. -- Doug Smith

How Matters

How you achieve your goals matters as much as what goals you achieve. -- Doug Smith

Creative Emotions

Creative inspiration can come from any emotion. -- Doug Smith

Weed That Garden of Goals

Few things are more confusing than living with competing goals.  Find some clarity and direction, then weed that garden! -- Doug Smith

What If That Feeling Is Wrong?

Blue Static Be careful of embracing the feeling without considering the cause. -- Doug Smith

Perspective Number 2

Where we sit changes our perspective, and that changes everything. -- Doug Smith

Get Thru The Fire

Red Center Vortex You don't need a goal to get thru a fire but it might keep you from getting burned. -- Doug Smith

Evolve Anyway

Are You Evolving? We don't always evolve painlessly. Evolve anyway. -- Doug Smith

No Need to Fear Creativity

Beams Afoot As much as we wish for that creative spark, some people are afraid of the flames. Let creativity help you conquer your fear. -- Doug Smith

What Are You Doing?

Planet Waves People don't always recognize creativity and may wonder what the heck you're doing.  Tell them. -- Doug Smith

Your Natural Condition

Centered Blue Bolts Our natural condition is centered. It's the distractions that pull us away. -- Doug Smith