Centered Leaders Develop Resilience

Do you bounce back after making a mistake?

We must. If we are truly growing, truly taking chances, truly making a difference we will make mistakes.

I've made plenty in my days in the world - little ones like not talking to someone right away who enters a room and big ones like missing what a client really wants out of an event. I've learned from each and every mistake and would like to think that I'm better because of them. But at the time, don't they hurt?


Centered leaders develop the resilience and flexibility to overcome mistakes.

What will you do to develop more of that resilience today?

-- Doug Smith

On Time Is A Sign of Respect

Do you show up on time? How do you feel when you're in charge of something and people choose NOT to show up on time?

Not everyone - some people respect you enough and your work to show up on time. But what about those who make other choices? What about those who have de-prioritized your event?

Yesterday I facilitated a training program on time management. Some people thought it was funny to say "I don't have time for time management." That's OK. I get it. Managing time is hard. It's a challenge in today's world of multi-tasking and parallel meetings. And yet, tossing the blame onto others won't manage your activities for you, will it?

Not only were some people late for my time management workshop - some didn't show up until after lunch, when it was more than half over. Then, they wondered why they didn't find what they needed.

Learning is an investment. Learning is a discipline. Managing time is all about managing yourself, and having the courage to let other people know that you have taken charge of that.

Some people at the workshop learned a lot, and look forward to applying what they've learned to their busy schedules. And some people, I feel certain, will continue to be late for their meetings.

Showing up is a sign of respect. Honoring time commitments is not for amateurs - it's a sign of a professional.

And you do want a reputation as a professional, don't you?

-- Douglas Brent Smith

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