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Pick The Right Goals

What happens if you decide to do every goal you could possibly do? You don't do them. Maybe you do some of them. Maybe you get thru a bunch. But I've learned to face it: I can not do everything. When I try, something falls. Some goals are better than others. Do them first. Some goals make more sense and provide more traction, more action, more reaction, and better results. Do them first. Pick too many goals and your constraints will crash in on you. Pick the right goals and your possibilities are endless. Pick the right goals. -- Doug Smith

Set Goals That Align With Your Dreams

What do you dream about? For years I dreamed about starting my own training company. I yearned to set my own hours and choose my own topics. So I set a goal to do that. Are your goals pointing you in the direction of your dreams? If you complete all of the goals on your list today, would your dreams come true? Possibly not. That's OK. But, are they moving you in that direction? What do you dream about? What occupies your mind? Given three wishes, what would they be? You know how to turn a wish into results: make it a goal. Set an action word, result, and deadline. And then get busy. You do want your dreams to come true, right? -- Doug Smith Are you interested in how to achieve your goals? Contact me about scheduling or attending our next How To Achieve Your Goals webinar.