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Even High Performance Leaders Follow

Are you a great follower? High performance leaders know the value of a useful, enthusiastic follower. That's not someone who follows regardless of the merit of the mission or the value of the goal. Those traits matter. But when they are in place and without doubt, the mission and the goal should propel us forward -- as leaders and, when the situation calls for it, as followers. We don't all lead at the same time. Sometimes even high performance leaders must follow. What are you following today? -- Doug Smith

Work Your Coolest Goal

Are you giving your goals all the help they need? Identify your biggest, best, coolest goal. Now, work that today... -- Doug Smith

Satisfying Noble Goals

Have you thought about how important your goals are today? We write them, we save them, and sometimes we work on them. What if we saw how vitally important our goals really are? What if we acted relentlessly on our plan to achieve them? This could help: make your goals noble. Strive to accomplish something so big that the world is a better place and you are a better person. What could be more satisfying that improving health, establishing peace, and encouraging love by achieving your goals. -- Doug Smith