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Let It Shift

Limitations get in our way until they don't anymore and the best way to make that happen is to keep developing, to keep learning, to keep our curiosity open. Time can then bring about shifts in those walls, those barriers, those limitations. As history shifts we can let go of what held us down. Let it shift. Let it go. -- doug smith  

Take Charge of Who?

The sooner we stop blaming the world for who we are the faster we can become who we want to be. What if we started right now? -- doug smith  

Keep Going

Are you thinking positively? While it is not a magic formula, it does provide more possibilities than negative thinking. It's useful to think critically, but not pessimistically. Thinking positively can lead to disappointment but only it you stop. Keep going. -- doug smith

Your Beliefs Are Up To You

Circumstances might impose. Problems may arise. Difficulties will surely appear. How you deal with them starts with how you feel about them. Do you belief you can solve that problem? Do you think your team is capable of the challenge? Will your customers value you enough to compensate you fairly? Does ethical behavior pay off in the end? Some things you DO decide. Your beliefs, for example.  Your beliefs are up to your. Pick the ones that make a positive difference. -- doug smith  

Should We Stay Positive?

It's a choice, most of the time. You do know which choice feels better and delivers better results. When in doubt, go positive. The trouble with being pessimistic is that you could prove to yourself that it is as bad as it seems.   Why not stay positive? -- doug smith

Let's Keep Growing

The goal is there to help you grow. To get from one place to another? Sure. To improve your lot in life? Absolutely. Primarily, beyond the benefits that you can touch, the goal is there to help you grow. Let's keep growing. -- doug smith

Project Growth

Are you a life long learner? I'm going to guess that you are. Life long learners stay in learning mode long after it feels like they should have all the answers. We never really have all the answers, and besides the questions keep changing!  One added bonus to project work is that each project provides ample learning opportunities. There's nothing quite like experience as a teacher. And, there's nothing quite like teaching your team how to meet your project expectations to teach yourself a bunch more. Projects bring about growth. I like to think of each project as another step to what I'm becoming. One project to the next your character -- and story -- grows. Let's keep growing. -- doug smith  

Finish That Project

Have you ever had so many projects that you can't even keep them all straight, much less figure out when they'll get done? So many people struggle with over-reach. They take on more projects than they have time or attention span to handle. While it is great to be ambitious, we've got to keep our workload under control to be at our best. There is a limit to how much we can do. Sure, we can always do more -- but for how long? At what level of quality? There's nothing quite like making room on your plate by consuming what's already there. Get it done. Clear the path. Re-focus. One project's end gives you room for the next project. Finish that project and THEN move ahead. -- doug smith

Recruit A Team For Your Goal

  Who is going to help you achieve that big goal? My tendency and temptation is to do it all myself -- but it doesn't have to be that way. We can recruit the people we need to get to the next level. All we need to do is share and take care: share our noble goal with enthusiasms and take care that anyone we ask for help will also benefit.  Every goal has a team if you recruit team members. Who do you need on your team? -- doug smith

Ideas Need Actions

Plans often have missing pieces you can't find until you start working your plan. Ideas need actions. Act relentlessly on your plan.  -- doug smith

Better Goals

Do you ever feel disconnected from a goal? I think the key is in knowing what motivates you to achieve the goal. If the answer is nothing, maybe that's a fair assessment of your goal. It's always a choice. When we don't like our goals we can form new ones. Better goals, rooted by strong values, lead to better choices. -- doug smith

Not Giving Up

It's intuitive, and yet we forget. It's natural, and yet we surrender. We have the ability to stick to what is truly important and not give up. How much do you want it? How hard are you willing to work? How convinced are you in the nobility of your work? When you are committed, when you are convinced, the convincing becomes easier.  Persistence prevails over resistance. Keep going. -- doug smith

Eliminating Confusion

We can't do everything. Choices can be difficult, especially when different customers have different needs. Confusion will only slow us down. I find it helpful to get specific. To narrow things down. To clarify expectations and then commit strongly to a goal. The most powerful goals eliminate confusion. What's your goal for today? -- doug smith

Goal Improvement

Every goal is an opportunity to improve your life and your character. Because if you improve your life without improving your character, it can all easily fall away. I try to ask myself "who else is this goal good for in addition to me?" and if the answer is "no one" it's not a goal I have any energy for. Help yourself by helping others and the help never ends. Help yourself at the expense of others and the resistance is unrelenting. How about this as a humble suggestion for a goal: Serve others as we grow I know it's not too specific but as a guideline it has great potential. What do you think? -- doug smith  

Self-Selected Ethics

Why do leaders get into trouble? Surely, there's enough for a book in that one question. Still, it's worth asking on an individual level. How do we as leaders avoid trouble? How do we stop ourselves from falling into our own self-shaped traps? There are pit falls just our size waiting for us, and very often we march right into them as if we were indestructible. Like that skateboarder going down the hill in the center of a highway, forgetting that someone else might not see them. Like that not-for-profit executive who makes a million dollars off of the donations of others. "But I'm doing good!" they exclaim. Or, like that little lie we tell to prevent ourselves from an otherwise awkward moment of explaining why we didn't achieve a goal. Awkward indeed. Our personal distortions, if we're not careful, get us into trouble. And when we are leaders our troubles become the troubles of others. Trouble yourself all you want, but please be careful of those who trust

Your Goals Need You To Get Started

If your big goals is really a series of twenty-five little goals, the sooner you get started on those little goals the sooner those goals will add up to that one big goal. -- doug smith

Wherever we are...

During a webinar that I was facilitating, one of my participants, David Palmore, quoted a former boss of his and it makes so much sense I just have to share it here: It's a supervisor's job to remove obstacles and excuses. -- Mark Howard It's so easy to find excuses - "they won't listen anyway," "it's above my pay grade," "I'm not good enough for that..." and yet what do excuses ever give you?  You don't have to think too long on that because the answer is nothing. Maybe less than nothing because excuses take away opportunity. We're not always fully equipped to do the job we need to do. We often lack resources needed to achieve our biggest goals. People push back and give us second thoughts. There are walls everywhere. But we can climb those walls. We can dig under those walls. We can go around those walls. And, when we need to we can pound thru those walls. No wall is worthy of an excuse, and no excuse is as tough as a wall

What About The Money?

  I've been in business long enough to see a boatload of decisions made based on money. Will it help profits, will it reduce expenses, will it keep us afloat? What if there's something deeper? What if there's a meaning that can't be deciphered using dollars? What if by finding that meaning the significance of the dollars fades away? Just because it's always about the money doesn't mean that it's all about the money at all. There is always much more... -- doug smith

Try Again

It's not rejection if the other person did not understand your request. -- doug smith 

Keep Moving

  Perfection is a direction, not a destination. -- doug smith

Shake It Up

Do you believe everything that you believe? Every once in a while it's useful to question what we believe. When we take all of our beliefs for granted, they can outlive their usefulness. Not the core beliefs -- but the seemingly insignificant ones that stand in your way, beliefs like "luck is for the lucky," and " it's too late to make a difference now," and "if I can't convince someone I have to just go ahead and do it anyway..." Our heads are filled with stories we've heard over and over, we've told ourselves over and over, so many times that they rattle around on auto-pilot taking us to places we don't want to go anymore. We've inherited many stories that do us no  good. It's OK to let them go, -- doug smith  

Start With A Goal

  Have you ever solved a problem and then been disappointed by the result? I sure have. The problem was bad, the solution was worse.  We need to narrow down our target. We need a focus that allows for surprises and yet creates a solution based on something we really want. After all, it's not the END of something we're working on, it's the existence of something better. High performance leaders create better situations. Be careful about solving a problem until you know what you really want. Start with your goal. -- doug smith

Keep Digging

  Bigger problems have more than one cause. Keep digging. -- doug smith

Start With Quality

  People make so many decisions based on price that I wonder if they realize what they are choosing. I've done it, and maybe you have to -- given price precedence in making a decision. Sometimes that's reasonable. We don't always need to pay the higher price and we do enjoy a bargain. But... As obvious as it is, it's worth remembering that the best costs more. When you want the best, keep that in mind. -- doug smith

Do Your Team Members Enjoy Time Together?

  It's a new time, a time of more virtual work, more individual work, more asynchronous connections. Still, if you want to build a high performance team, it's best if your team finds ways to work together. Teams need to spend time together, whether it's virtual or face-to-face. Do your team members enjoy spending time together? If your team members do not enjoy spending time with each other you might have the wrong team members. Just something to consider... -- doug smith

What that impulse means...

  Whenever I feel myself getting defensive, and whenever I catch myself defending a point I haven't even completely thought thru yet, I realize that what I need is to stay curious. Quiet. Open minded. In discovery mode, not defending mode. There's plenty of time to defend later. The impulse to argue is your signal to stay curious. Mine, too. -- doug smith

Problems Spark Collaboration

  Is it annoying when someone brings you a problem? Sometimes they catch us by surprise. Usually, it's in the middle of something else that's already important. There it is, a problem. We could resist. We could avoid. Or, we could engage. It's up to us. Think of someone who brings you a problem as a new collaborator. -- doug smith

A Warning About Tradition

  Are you bumping up against tradition? As leaders we are often breaking barriers. We're constantly knocking down walls. Sometimes, we're stepping on toes. We change things because that's what leaders do but it does matter how we change. Are we graceful, or clumsy? Are we considerate, or brutal? Are we deliberate, or chaotic? Change is necessary because it's where growth happens. Doing that change we can forget about or even demolish tradition. "If it mattered we'd keep it," right? It matters. How we handle tradition tells our team how we will eventually handle each and every one of them. What has been placed there before us has been trusted to us. We can improve it, always. Must we ever destroy it? Seldom. Ignore tradition and you'll lose stability.  Lost stability and there's no telling where you'll end up. We can drive change and still honor tradition. That means learning more about both. -- doug smith

Are We Really All In Sales?

How many people have tried to sell you stuff today? Six? Sixteen? Sixty-six? It's a lot, isn't it? Some days it feels as if everything is a sales pitch. Buy this, try that, sign-up for freemium but get ready to pay. It's good for you, it's what you need, it will bring you friends and fun. I know, I know, I know. We're all in sales. I sell stuff, too. I do better if people sign up for my courses. I make more money when customers supplement their learning by buying materials from me. I sell, I sell, so who am I to tell? I get so weary of people trying to sell me things that I almost stop selling things myself. But, I do find myself selling less these days. I'm not criticizing sales. I have a son who is an absolute ace at selling insurance and he does very well, and well -- people DO need insurance. It meets a need. But, we don't think about it, we don't address the need, unless someone tells us about it. Unless someone sells us something. How do we make pe

Who Are You Today?

  How far afield have you ever gotten distracted?  Have you ever gotten so far distracted that you forgot who you are? Not literally who you are, but rather who you are supposed to be in your work. Your role, your vision, your mission -- your PURPOSE for working. Presumably who you ARE is safely lit in your heart. It's in our work that we can get confused. At least, that's true for me. I've at times taken assorted bunny trails down jobs that were not suited for my purpose. I did them, whether it was as a favor, or out of a desire to serve, or to simply earn some money -- but I could always feel, in those times, a gentle tug telling me "hey, this isn't you..."  Like a small cat patting me on the head when I shouldn't be sleeping. Like a small puppy tugging on my pants leg when I should be outside, moving around...that gentle but irritating feeling that there is better work ahead, but what I'm doing is getting in the way. It's easy to do. Life will l

Proving It

Do you like tests? I'm not wild about them. I'd rather write a paper than take a test. I'd rather read ten extra books than take a test. I just don't like tests. But...we do need some kind of test to prove that we've learned something. It could be demonstrating the skill, the way that a fire fighter has to be able to demonstrate connecting the hose to the fireplug. The way that a carpenter might have to demonstrate cutting the proper length of wood. It might be the way a pianist must perform a recital after hours and hours of practice. You might think you know something completely, but it's not as valuable as it is when people can see the results. You probably haven't truly learned something until someone else sees you do it. Are you learning? Are you practicing? Are you putting that practice to use? -- doug smith

Clarify Your Assumptions

How does it feel to firmly believe that you're right about something, only to discover that, no, you're not? I hate that. Whether it is assuming that one terrific interview means that I've just hired a superstar (sometimes yes, sometimes NO) or assuming that a good kiss starts a great relationship, assumptions have often gotten me in trouble. Assuming that someone (or even a group) agrees with you, just because they don't object. Maybe they do, and maybe they don't. Assuming that customers will buy your product or service because it's just so fabulous. Are you sure? Assuming that you've got it all figured out because of your depth of experience. What about the unexpected? I caution you about all of these assumptions because I've made them all (and more.) I'm not perfect, but I'm learning. Assumptions are risky. Unless we clarify our assumptions we could be deceiving ourselves and not even know it. We wouldn't want that , would we? -- doug smi

The Answer Is...

I don't have it all figured out, how about you? Every day there is more to learn. I do my best to anticipate what I'll need to learn next, but some things emerge by surprise. Some things reveal themselves as lessons to be learned right in the middle of the lesson. Sometimes we don't know what we need to learn until we start to learn it. Whats's the answer? Keep learning. -- doug smith

Map with Clarity

  How is your sense of direction? By that, I mean -- do people know where you are directing them? Are you providing the vision that pulls people toward higher performance?  High performance leaders make the map to their plan extremely clear.  Doubt causes delay. Certainty creates energy. Make your message clear. -- doug smith

Stand Tough

Do you stand tough? While high performance leaders must be open to being influenced, we must also know when to stand tough. Temptation can be all too easy. Charismatic foes can be all too manipulative. We need a careful blend of boldness and precision -- of analysis and action. If you are too easily swayed you are easily played. Stop. Breathe. Think. Act. -- doug smith  

What's Your Choice?

Are you facing any difficult choices? Every time we figure out the choices, the ground shifts and the mood changes. We weigh evidence against evidence, idea against idea, and constantly refresh the goal.  Of course it will change. We're going, changing, shifting creatures, all in search of better ways to do what we already do and new ways to do something better. We have so many choices and we also have so many strategies available to pursue those choices. Is it dog eat dog? Is it one great collective? Is it something else? How do we know when our high ground is high enough? How do we know if our ethical foundation is strong enough to withstand the winds of temptation and opportunity that assail us? We do our best. We keep learning. And we choose wisely. When we can choose love, we can choose wisely. Choose love. -- doug smith

Better Goals

The sooner you can let go of uninspiring goals the faster you can work on goals you care about. If you need to you can always come back to the less inspiring goals later. Work on what matters most now. -- doug smith


  Have you ever experienced a leader who tried to motivate you thru fear? Fear of consequences, fear of failure, fear of your own loss of self-esteem? We used to call it "old school" leadership but it's made a return in some companies. Some leaders think that they have to bully people into doing what they want them to do. Even if that works on a short-term basis, it doesn't last. The side-effects are deep. The price is high.  Fear is a terrible motivator because it keeps biting even after it's achieved its goal. And that makes each consecutive goal harder and harder to achieve. High performance leaders can do better.  -- doug smith

Work On Your Important Goals

Have you ever put off a goal you are really excited about to work on another goal? Maybe it was someone else's idea of an important goal. Or, maybe it had an arbitrary deadline so you felt compelled to give it your attention. How did that feel? For me, it always feels frustrating.  That's why I need to remind myself: The sooner you can let go of uninspiring goals the faster you can work on goals you care about. Isn't that what you want to do? -- doug smith  

So Much More To Learn

  How do you know what you don't know? Isn't the first step in learning something figuring out that you don't know what you need to know? We need that moment of cognitive dissonance to motivate us into learning. Or do we? Learning occurs in so many ways that I don't even pretend to have figured it all out. But I do know this: ignorance has a way of hiding itself. There are times when we just can't figure it out on our own. We need help. We need someone else to tell us. We need feedback. We don't know what we don't know, and that creates some awkward mistakes. Get the feedback. Ask, and then decide. There is so much more to learn. -- doug smith

Stay Calm

Do you ever get over-excited? Does stress ever bring on strong emotions for you? It's certainly happened to me. Feeling that urgency without seeing an answer is tough. That's when I've learned to breathe deeply, count to ten (or higher) and stay aware to exactly what is going on. Experience the experience and then, slowly if necessary, move forward. High performance leaders master calm and composure.  Of course, I'm still working on it. How about you? -- doug smith

Set Solid and Clear Goals

  Are you catching resistance? Are things standing in your way. Set solid and clear goals. A solid, clear goal can withstand any judging. You've got this. -- doug smith

Push Boldly On

Doesn't it seem a little hazy sometimes? The future is fuzzy. Uncertainty rules. It can knock us sideways with a dizziness that dazzles us without rest. Breathe. You are up to this. You are made for this. You can center yourself, focus yourself, clarify your own goals, and push. Relentlessly push positively in the direction you choose. If it's the wrong direction, you'll discover that and shift. High performance leaders are constantly shifting. From the old, to the new. From the uncertain, to the clear. Shift. Centered leaders live with ambiguity while pushing for clarity. Keep pushing. -- doug smith

Today's Motivation: Keep Learning

What have you learned today? That's the question I ask the most. I ask other people, and I ask myself: what have you learned today? We get energy from learning. We get experience and we learn some more. We work toward wisdom and we always learn more. Learn constantly, it's the best way to improve. It's our responsibility to get smarter everyday. And how do we do that? Keep learning! -- doug smith Call to Action: Play nice, work hard, be smart. Whatever that means to you today, please do more of that. The world needs your best!

Keep Going

It's easy to get discouraged. Work, people, even life throws more challenges than we expect or ever ask for. Keep going. Obstacles will slow you down and pull on your momentum until it screeches like the bad brakes on an old Chevy. Keep going. Tasks will blur together in a fog of business that makes that vision ever harder to see and follow. Keep going. Keep going. Your work is important, and it's just beginning. -- doug smith

Find Joy In The Work

Have you ever known someone who clearly hates their job? Their distaste reflects in everything that do, in the way that they treat their team members, and especially in the way that they treat their customers. Hopefully, that doesn't describe you. We all have tough times on the job, and most of us have started jobs that were not what we wanted to do. That doesn't prevent us from enjoying the work. How you look at your work matters. How you find value in the tasks that they do -- no matter how simple, difficult, or low-paying. I've had all of those conditions in jobs that I didn't like at first but gradually grew to love. How? By constantly improving. By treating people around me with respect. By having fun. There is dignity in work. There is value in getting things done. There is happiness to be found in serving others. Joy in the work is not just possible, it's natural.  Why run and hide from what is right in front of you: a better day created by doing better work.

What Is Your Destiny?

What if it's all unfolding? What if you, by making small steady changes, can change fate? I've never been a big believer in fate. I don't like the notion that things are already decided, that a certain destiny is, well, certain. I need more control than that. YOU need more control than that. Sure, there are things out of our control, but there is a lot more within our control and our influence available. We just need to work. We just need to persevere. We just need relentless effort. Destiny makes room for dedication and discipline.  Make room for THAT in your work, and you'll improve your "destiny." What do you think? -- doug smith


Anytime you speak for me, please remember this: you do not speak for me. -- doug smith  

Peace, Please

Peace, conflict or not, peace. We may disagree. We may possess powerfully different agendas. We can talk about it, shout about it, analyze it inside and out. While we do all that, please...peace. We can always choose peace. Peace, conflict or not, peace. -- doug smith


  What if your first goal is happiness? At first, that sounds a bit selfish. "But what about others?" some voice inside me says. That could exactly be the point. But what about others?  What if the source of our true happiness comes from helping others? What if by serving, we serve ourselves? By helping bring about more happiness we enjoy the overflow. Maybe your first goal IS happiness -- and that happiness comes from helping. -- doug smith

Achieve Your Goals With Happiness

Are you happy while you are working? I know, that's too much to ask for some people. We've all had jobs that were more chore than joy, and many people are still doing those types of jobs. It isn't that the job isn't important, though -- it's more like it's not appreciated.  Are any of your goals like that? Unappreciated? Do you look forward to the goal because the result is going to make you happy? Are you bringing your own happiness to the work? Achieve your goals with happiness, rather than expecting goals to GIVE you happiness, and the joy will last long after the goals are forgotten. What's your happiest work right now? -- doug smith

Leading by Learning and Applying What You Learned

Who has taught you the best lessons? What have you learned that has become part of the value of your life and who was it who taught you? Some people in your life had lots of opportunity to teach you. They had time. They had proximity. Maybe they even had authority. They were people involved with you closely: your parents, your grand parents, siblings, elementary school teachers, high school teachers, college professors, best friends, lovers, adversaries, organizational leaders, pastors, priests, gurus, yoga teachers, improv coaches, music conductors, choir leaders, policy officers, military officers, coaches, cooks, fraternity and sorority members, doctors, therapists, nurses, dental hygienists, dentists, chiropractors, delivery staff, food service workers, co-workers, bosses, mentors...if you dive deep enough for long enough the list is extensive. For all of us. Ponder that list. Ponder those lessons. Know it. Do it. Teach it. What did you learn? What have you learned so completely, s

Ethical Leadership Matters

  When was the last time that your integrity was tested? As leaders, we are often tempted to cut corners, to shave edges. A little compromise here or there, often in the interest of the bigger mission, seems justified. Who'll notice? What's the harm? Rounding out the numbers on a late night report for example. Or fudging that expense report just a little so that your best performer can get that invoice approved faster. Or, not confronting a clear case of harassment because the harasser is one of your friends. These are just small, inconsequential things, right? Wrong. Ethics may be open to both interpretation and circumstances, but one of our biggest problems these days is that the boundaries have blurred so far as to be indistinguishable. It feels like anything goes. That's no way to lead. That's no way to improve the world. Ethics, and integrity, matter as much as ever.  That means we have to pay attention. We as leaders must be careful, oh so very careful, of any com

Our Next Generation

  One of the benefits to growing older is the possibility of expanded perspective. Because things have changed so much, change doesn't seem so disruptive. Because we've experienced difficult times before, tough times seem more like the natural order of things rather than impending doomsday. For goodness sakes, having lived thru the daily fear of nuclear annihilation other problems pale in comparison. They're still serious, yet survivable. As leaders we owe our teams a sort of resilient perspective. Especially our younger team members, who have not lived thru crisis after crisis for decades on end and might hear their own doomsday clock ticking loud enough to deepen their anxiety. We can help with that, even when we can't solve every problem. For not every problem is solvable, at least not immediately, but given determination, science, and able leadership each generation can make life better.  I admire our youngest generations for their willingness to make things better.