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Developing Communication Skills

Training in action -- another successful workshop!

Pick the Right Goal

Sometimes the answer to a problem is that we've picked the right goal. I like to ask myself, "is that goal creative enough to solve the problem?" -- Doug Smith

No Need to Doubt Your Creativity

Never doubt your own creativity, even if others do. -- Doug Smith

How to Change Yourself

Sometimes you can change yourself by changing your goal. -- Doug Smith

Reject Rejection

The rejection of our creative work says nothing about its value. Not everyone will get it. We won't all understand. It can take many iterations, many attempts, even many years for people to embrace the creative output that we produce. It's still valuable. Hold onto your creativity and then let it go -- let it go INTO your work. Let it go INTO your life. Let it go INTO your soul. Rejection is just a point of view. -- Doug Smith

An Endless Supply of Solutions

The creative problem solver in you always has more solutions than you need. -- Doug Smith

Add A Creative Flair

Just for today, add a creative flair to something that is usually routine. -- Doug Smith

Creative Power

Creativity + discipline = power. -- Doug Smith

Your Creative Spot

Find the place where you are the most creative and go there regularly. -- Doug Smith


Creativity evaporates fear. -- Doug Smith

Get Creative

Hidden within every problem is a creative solution. -- Doug Smith

Creative Improvement

Our creative best makes everything else better. -- Doug Smith

Two Parts of Creativity

How would you define creativity? Some people see it as a flash of inspiration. It's the appearance of a wonderful and mysterious muse. Suddenly great and beautiful things happen. For others, it's not like that at all. Why wait for the muse? Sometimes the muse is fickle and hard to find. We need creativity all of the time. We can't wait for brilliant flashes of insight. We need to conjure up that magic ourselves. Creativity is not just inspiration -- it's also dedication and hard work. Put in the work. Watch the magic happen. -- Doug Smith

Your Genius

The genius inside you knows how to find you. -- Doug Smith

Build Your Team

You don't HAVE to build a team, but it won't build itself... -- Doug Smith