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Can You Talk About it?

If we can talk about it, we can deal with it. It all stacks up. We face conflict around every corner. Even from people who with think are our closest friends and allies, we occasionally (daily?) feel the discomfort of disagreement. It's a time to stretch. It's a time to learn. It's a time to start and sustain conversations that reach for understanding, even when agreement is our of view. When we can understand each other, we can begin to dig the conversation deeper into new territory. We can feel each other's pain, appreciate each other's passion, and calculate sensibly each other's logic. If we can talk about it, we can deal it. No matter how big the problem. No matter how distant the goal. Find the person who troubles you the most and start that conversation. You'll be glad that you did, if you listen to understand. What do you need to talk about today? -- Doug Smith

To Solve A Problem: Talk About It

Most problems are hard to solve unless you talk about it. Whatever is standing in your way, my advice is to get over it, get under it, get around it, just for heaven's sake talk about it. Start the conversation. That's where great things begin. -- Doug Smith

Ten Years!

It's the ten year anniversary of the formation of doug smith training! Thank you all the wonderful clients and customers and learners! Let's keep learning! -- Doug Smith

Talk About It

Once you realize what you need to take about with another person, talk about it! Delaying the conversation will not help. Ignoring the need will hurt the situation. Talk about it. -- Doug Smith

Pictures from This Week's Workshops

The Process Gets Easier

Once you've figured out your goal the process gets easier. -- Doug Smith

Start the Conversation

Are you putting off an important conversation? I do it sometimes. It ends up nagging at me. The thing to do is talk. Get the subject open. Start the conversation. Delayed conversations don't get easier. Now is the time . -- Doug Smith


I specialize in workshops to help you solve problems and achieve your goals by sparking and developing your creativity, clarity, courage, and compassion in these key areas: - leadership - project management - communication - productivity - creative and performing arts I take a customized approach to bringing sharply focused, action-based workshops to organizations. How much time do you have to train your people to dramatically improve their skills at solving problems and achieving your goals? Here is a selection of my most popular, and successful workshops: Supervising for Success  - Two day workshop for front line leaders. You'll start on your goals and create the alignment and traction you need to achieve them. Ideal for front line leaders in any organization, we have deep experience (and time-tested tools) especially suited for leaders in the retail and service industries. $149 per participant. Communicating for Results  - One day workshop to help you develop