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A Great Source of Power for You

Would you like more power?Is gathering influence something that you value?You can gain that in many ways. Certainly, one way is to get promoted to a higher level job title. That does bring increased power. But, not enough, does it? You still want more. We all want more. We want as much agency and autonomy and independence as we can get. Here's something you have absolute power over. You control this completely, and when you control it effectively it dramatically increases your power:Your attitude.How you look at the world. How you feel about your self. How you apply positive principles to persistent problems. Your attitude is more powerful than your job title.You attitude is more powerful than any problem.Your attitude is a great source of power for you -- when you keep it compassionate, clear, courageous, and creative.Tap into THAT power -- it is inexhaustible.-- doug smith

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Be More, Become More

What are you learning today?If you want to do more, you must be more. Become more. Keep developing yourself.-- doug smith

Honest Goal Assessment

Have you ever kept a goal alive for far too long after it's become obvious that you don't really care about it? You've got so MANY great goals, it's OK to drop a dud.Dropping a goal you'll never achieve is better than pretending that you still believe.-- doug smith


High performance leaders turn detailed plans into powerful actions.-- doug smith

Double Check

Be careful of what bridges you burn, you may have forgotten something important.Stop. Think. Breathe. Ask. That fire will burn fast enough if you need it.-- doug smith

High Performance Leaders Stay Positive

Stay positive, not because it's easy but because it opens many more possibilities.-- doug smith

Even High Performance Leaders Need Patience

Do you ever lose your patience? High performance leaders sometimes focus so much on results that we get impatient about it. That's not all bad. Leaders need a sense of urgency. Just as long as we don't take it out on our team members. Press, don't distress. Push, don't crush.Every day provides opportunities to practice patience.-- doug smith

What Do You Know?

I remember making up an answer. If I'm honest, I've done it more than once. How about you? And, sometimes the answer was right. But of course sometimes the answer was wrong. Instead of looking like I didn't know the answer, it looked like I made it up.I don't do that anymore.I don't know everything, and I admit it. I'd like to know everything. I'm working on it (LOL) but not even close. How about you?Sometimes, in order to discover how much a team member knows, I'll hold back on information that I DO know, to allow them to explore and discover it. That could be considered pretending to NOT know the answer, but honestly, many times by staying silent that gives the team member time to think it thru, explore the idea, and discover a fabulous answer. Often, that answer is much better than the one I had in mind.Pretending to know the answer is less useful than pretending to NOT know the answer. Stay curious. It works.-- doug smith

Should A Leader Be Positive or Negative?

Have you ever worked with a negative leader? Someone who leads by arguing, yelling, insulting, and pushing people around is a negative leader. Also, a leader who says mostly negative things like "what's wrong with you?" or "how many times do I have to tell you?" or "just do what I say because you can't figure it out otherwise" is negative.Oddly, sometimes a negative leader will get the immediate reaction desired. People might jump into place. Employees might try harder. But that's a temporary result. Negative leaders drive people away.The trouble with skepticism is its power to increase certainty without increasing accuracy and then allowing a negative notion to create a negative outcome.It can be more work to stay positive. It takes practice. It takes the ability to pause when someone on your team says something unbelievably incorrect. But do make that effort.Should a leader be positive or negative? Given the choice of which kind of leader to…

Call Your Team Members

If you want to communicate better you may need to communicate more often.Maybe even every day.Reach out to each team member, no matter where they are, and try these three things today:AppreciateChallengeEncourage
It doesn't take an hour. It doesn't require a video. Just reach out.
You'll like the effect that it has. You'll feel like doing it again. Go ahead. 
-- doug smith

Where to Start

The first person to lead is yourself.-- doug smith

Talk With Your Team

How often do you talk with your team members, one-on-one? Not counting the group meetings, are you scheduling and keeping regular conversations with each and every team member?They need that level of attention. They require that level of attention. They have a much better chance of meeting your expectations when you give them that level of attention.It's an effort. It takes discipline. But, what could be more important than clear and regular communication with your team members? I would say, just about nothing would be more important.High performance leaders talk with each team member about what comes next.High performance leaders talk with each team member about performance.High performance leaders talk with each team member regularly, openly, honestly, and deeply. It's your best leadership tool. Talk with your team members.-- doug smith