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Coaching Is...

What is coaching?
High performance leaders do lots of coaching. If you asked your team members which would they prefer more, coaching or commanding, what do you think they'd say?
Probably, coaching.
Coaching is helping someone improve their performance without crushing their spirit. Coaching is providing candid feedback without causing scars. Coaching is knowing how much to push and how much to hold up. Coaching is a balance of challenge and support.
Coaching is encouraging, and when necessary redirecting. If you want to lead in ways that people respond, coaching is you're calling.
Who are you coaching today?
-- doug smith

Recent posts

Controlling Anger

Do you get angry?
Doesn't everyone? A temper is a terrible thing, because it harms the owner the most. When we are angry, our target may not even know it. But, we sure do and that energy feeds on itself.
I do not like being angry. I've had too much practice. Anger has hurt me and it has hurt others I never wanted to hurt. While anger can have its purpose -- defending someone in danger who has been abused or gathering the energy to right a wrong -- most of the time it is energy that could be better spent in repair. Better spent in building rapport. Better spent in building relationship.
Anger fools us. Anger taunts us. Anger misdirects us.
We might tied to work just to make sure that our anger is not part of the reason for our anger.
Because many times, it is.
What should we do? I humbly offer this distillation from wise advice of others. Breathe. Pause. Breathe again. Give your brain time to quiet the defensive posture and clearly see what's going on. What's going on? Breath…

Stay Dignified

I have a friend who likes to mess with her enemies. She enjoys mind-games that create an curiosity about what she is being so nice when her "enemy" has clearly tried to cause her problems. 
She'll say the nicest thing, with complete dignity, like the finest most savvy diplomat.
I can't do that. Well, maybe I could but I try not to. Not that I'm judging, I just think you can get the same affect by maintaining respect and dignity. Even when the other person is doing their best to be your enemy. Even when they show no dignity of their own. We are each in charge of our own dignity.
It takes practice. It takes sincerity. It takes mindfulness. And yet, it's powerful. 
Dignity does not require permission.
-- doug smith

Let the Past Go

What NOT to do: wish that you'd done something differently.
Learn from it? Yes. Focus on it? Probably not.
Clinging to the past will not bring it back.
-- doug smith

When You Fail...

Do you ever beat yourself up emotionally about something you did or didn't do? Maybe your performance wasn't up to your expectations. Maybe someone else was unhappy with what you did. For me, that's hard to let go, and yet holding onto it is virtually useless. It's better to let it go, so that I can pick up something else and get working.
Work hard. Learn. Move on.
Do your best and forgive the rest.
-- doug smith

Leadership Affirmations: Beyond the Crisis

Wherever you are, this is a good moment to create a positive direction. This is a good moment to support yourself, to raise yourself, to energize yourself. I offer you three humble affirmations for you to whisper to yourself with confidence: You've made it this far proving that you can make it as far as you make up your mind to go.Your strength has only just begun to emerge.When you respond with courage, people respond to you.
-- doug smith

Stay With Hope

We all know what it feels like to give up. We all know how to muscle through a tough time. When the tough times seem relentless, it's all too easy to give in to despair.
I've learned to avoid giving in (well, I'm working on it.) How about you?
We always have a choice. What we think does matter. When the choice is hope or despair, I go with hope.

Hope is stronger than despair.
-- doug smith