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Courage to Change

High performance leaders, creating beneficial change, usually encounter resistance. Change is threatening to the status quo and those people who like things just the way they are will dig in. They will push back.

That's one reason why courage is one of your core leadership strengths. Develop more courage, and you will have the strength to stand your ground. Find more courage and you can make the changes you already know are needed but which have someone been stalled.

Find that courage. Make that positive change. Let the resistance to change come.

Courage is amused by resistance.

-- doug smith

A Busy Week!

Here are some photos of some brilliant, terrific, fun learners in leadership workshops this week.

Take Initiative

If you're going to wait for someone to tell you what to do they're going to expect you to do it.

Get ahead of that drama. Take initiative. Set your own plan. Get things done.

It's what high performance leaders do.

-- doug smith

It Takes Discipline

You can't train for the olympics by watching a three-minute video.

And yet, some people think you can learn leadership that fast. You can't. Besides, imagine all the cat-video distractions you'd encounter along the way.

High performance leadership takes real training, real devotion, steady discipline, and constant learning.

Oh, and it never ends.

-- doug smith

Time to Learn

What you learn is up to you.

-- doug smith