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Take Charge

Who's in charge? A call is unanswered, a customer is unattended, a product is out of stock, a car is our of fuel...every day we find ourselves in situations that lack leadership. Fill that gap. Take charge. Get things done. It's what high performance leaders do. -- doug smith  

What to do

Here is your question for the day: what one thing will make you a better leader today? Do that. -- doug smith

Change First

It's much harder to tell someone how to change than it is to show them. And, they're much more likely to believe what you show than what you say. Change first, and then others might follow. -- doug smith  

Relate to your boss

How good is your relationship with your boss? If you're going to have a boss, you going to have to get along. I've had some terrific bosses who spent extra time building relationships with me and making sure that I had everything I needed to lead my teams effectively. Not every boss will do that. When they don't (and even when they do) it serves you well to initiate the conversation. Build the relationship. Get to know your boss so that your boss can get to know how invaluable you truly are. Every supervisor needs a robust, mutually supportive relationship with their own boss. -- doug smith

Easy Does It

We try to make it more complicated than it is. We offer lots of fancy interventions. It's not that all of those efforts don't work -- I'm sure they make a positive difference. Still, it's worth considering: Engaging your team is easy - just give them something meaningful to work on. -- doug smith