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Keep Persisting

Here's a trick question - when do you give up? It's a trick because maybe you don't give up. When the goal is important enough, you don't give up. And if the goal isn't important enough to persist, why would you even work on it? Choose your goals carefully. Work on what you consider vital to your success. And then act relentlessly on your plan. Persist. There is no substitute for persistence. It will get you through when the world throws all kinds of road blocks your way. And you can depend on that. So persist. -- Doug Smith

Create Goals Worth Remembering

Have you ever considered what it must be like to be famous? Maybe you've even gotten a taste of it. Maybe you were on TV, or in a movie, or interviewed by a publication. Maybe your youtube channel has a kazillion views. What if you were famous for your goals? What if people knew you by the goals that you set and achieved? Wouldn't they be worth talking about then? Hey. Listen. They're worth talking about now . -- Doug Smith

Set the Right Goals

It's not just about the goals. It's setting the right goals. Goals that energize you. Goals aligned with your mission. Goals that create a better team, life, and world. Set the right goals and the path becomes easier. Instead of a struggle, the journey is an adventure. Instead of ordeal, the magic is revealed. You'll know it's a "right" goal when you can't wait to get started. What goal are you working on right now? -- Doug Smith

Set A Problem Free

Have you ever held a problem so tight that it couldn't get away? I have. Why would we do that? We get so comfortable with a problem that it's hard to imagine living without it. But what good is that? It's a problem ! Or is it? Maybe we need to see beyond what we keep defining in pain as our problem and embrace whatever is as whatever is. If that sounds like double-speak, forgive me for a second and think about it. The situation is the situation. Calling it a problem does not change what is going on. Agonizing over how much misery it is bringing us, our team, or our organization does not help. Here's what I suggest instead. Set that problem free. Stop calling it a problem. It's the situation. Call it that if you like or don't call it anything at all. Set it free. Set a goal. What is it that you DO want? Whatever is going on now, what environment, situation, action, or relationship do you really want? Go for that. Set a goal. Design a plan. And the