Supervising for Success

Training is important. But, you're busy and when will you have time to go to a workshop?

Let the workshop come to you! Create a flexible plan that allows you to learn at your own pace and wherever you are.

It's the virtual version of our core leadership development program:

Supervising for Success - Virtual Program 

Find the training you need with the flexibility of a virtual program. 

How It Works

When you register for the program you listen to a series of Podclasses (brief audio files accompanied by downloadable Learner's Guides), or attend their equivalent teleclasses, complete the recommended Action Plan tasks, create and follow-up on your own Leadership Project, and attend the program coaching calls. 

After successfully completing the assignments you'll attend a graduation conference call and receive your certificate of completion badge.  

You decide when to start. You complete the program at your own pace. You also get the coaching you need (at no extra cost) to successfully complete the program.


  • Ten Keys to Leadership Success
  • Developing leadership capacity, strength, and flexibility
  • Six Key Measures of Leadership Success
  • How to Achieve Your Goals
  • CLUES to Communication Success
  • Building Your Team
  • Motivating Yourself and Others
  • Solving Leadership Problems
  • Time Management Now!
  • Leadership Ethics: Making Ethical Decisions
  • Generations: Exploring Generational Strengths and Challenges
  • Managing Multiple Priorities
  • Improving Performance

This virtual program is $299 per person.

Register and Schedule your Supervising for Success Launch here

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Supervising for Success - Leadership Training in Bucks County, PA

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