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Focus Saves Time

  A proper goal prevents wasted time. We don't have time to pursue meaningless goals. What matters most needs most of our time. Take a look at your list of goals. Prioritize the top three. The rest will matter most when the top three are done. -- doug smith


What we are grateful for stays, what we take for granted goes away. What are you grateful for today? If the list is long, there's something also to be grateful for. If the list is short, consider it more. Gratitude blesses our blessings and keeps them flowing. -- doug smith  

You're So Important!

Ever have any days of low self-esteem? Times when your opinion of yourself was less than positive? I sure have. I don't mean a healthy amount of skeptical inquiry or proof seeking thoughts -- I mean low self-esteem that can ruin a day. Let's get out of that business! Instead, let's lift our days forward with optimism. We can be positive without being Pollyanna.  You matter! You belong! You rock! You wouldn't be you without you. Do you see how important you are? -- doug smith  

Positive, Negative, or Neutral?

It is a question of baseline or the place that you begin. From your baseline you can decide and even balance what you think next which leads to what you do next. We all begin with some baseline. Where is your baseline? Do you begin by thinking positive, negative, or neutral when you encounter something or someone new? When the choice of interpretation is up to me, I pick positive. It's a personally positive prerogative, and enhances my chances of enjoying the ride. It's up to you? Where do you want to go? -- doug smith  


How much do you practice the skill that is most important to your success? We do best what we do most. Practice. It's the best way (maybe the only way) to get better. You name the skill -- communication, leadership, problem solving, managing conflict, playing music, running, swimming, singing, dancing, acting...practice is the key. -- doug smith 

Communicate Politely

Can you tell a hard truth and still be polite? Absolutely! We can disagree with respect. We can remain civil. We can demonstrate professionalism even under pressure. Nothing should ever prevent a true professional from being polite. -- doug smith  

Three L Gifts

Things work out when we work out -- exercise every gift you've got.  Here are three gifts we could do more of and be better off for doing it: Listen, Love, and Learn. Listen more to what people say. Listen more to hear real meaning, real life, real emotions. Love more as a first reaction, even when it's rough. Love our work more, love our family more, love our chances to love even more. And, Learn more each day on how to be better. Better leaders, better people, better communicators. What do you think? -- doug smith  

Limits to Service

  Have you ever had a customer who you just could not please? Whether the demands are too great or the attitude is too tight, something just isn't right. The best we can do is the best we can do. Certainly, do no less, but sometimes we can not do more. Anyone who expects you to destroy yourself by serving them needs more help than you can offer. -- doug smith

A Good Deal

Whether you serve out of humility, or duty, or trust, or dedication, or compassion, or pay -- your service will also serve you.  Start by serving others and the benefits to you become unlimited. -- doug smith

Service to Others

It's important to provide the best possible service to our customers. If that takes extra effort, it's well worth it in the good will that develops. If the customer feels good about the service, the organization is much more likely to prosper. And -- even better -- when your customers are happy it makes it easier for you to be happy, too. Service to others serves us the best. -- doug smith  


It's easier to face the future if you embrace the present with a smile. "Is that your answer to everything? Smile?" "Nah -- but it serves me better than frowning." "What if you don't know whether to smile or cry?" "Even a curious smile is better than no smile at Yes!"  The more you make yourself smile, the more you will need to because there will be more to smile about -- smiles will start coming more often on their own. People will smile back. The smiles will multiply. It's harder to be mad at someone who likes you enough to smile for you, to smile toward you, to smile with you. Smile! -- doug smith

How Do You Present Your Work?

For a long time now, for many products, it's been a race to the bottom. Offer the basic thing at the lowest price and capture as much market share as you can. As customers, we've gone along with this because we do love low prices. And, it's deceptive because it feels as if many things CAN costs less without sacrificing quality. Cheap TVs are still good. Even cheap cars are better than cars of yesteryear.  But it doesn't hold up for everything -- especially anything involving human interaction, and anything involving customer service. When we reduce staffing to the bare minimums and when we allow robots to answer our questions we are pushing the quality down. Sometimes, better service and higher quality products simply cost more to produce. If we allow the lowest price items to prevail on everything, everything will end up lower in quality.  If we keep rewarding the cheapest price we'll keep creating the cheapest life.  I don't think that's what we want. How