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Creative Spark

Tease a little creative spark out even when darkness covers over you and that spark will light the way.
-- doug smith

Quote: Finding the Best In Others

"You bring out the best in yourself by looking for the best in others."
Gene Bedley

Challenge Your Fears

It's natural to feel fear when we're faced with a challenge. What if we fail? What if it's more than we expected? What if we're not up to the task?

We should be cautious. We should focus on doing what is achievable. And yet, so often what is achievable but challenging frightens us into immobility. We can become overly respectful of our fears to the point that they control us.

Let's try something different. Challenge your fears, don't worship them.

You are bigger than your fear anyway. So am I.

-- doug smith

On Regrets

Regrets are meant for learning, not suffering.

We all have regrets. There are so many mistakes we make that we believe we could easily solve given one more chance. But could we? Really? Or would it be like some lost episode of "The Twilight Zone" where our actions simply triggered new mistakes, new circumstances, and repetitive results?

We can't go back anyway. As of this moment in time, there is no time travel (and if there were EVER any time travel, wouldn't it apply to always?) I have things that I have regretted but here's what I've learned. Easy or hard, painful or trivial, just get over it.

Regrets are meant for learning. There's no reason to keep beating ourselves up about it.

Do your best. Make amends. Move on.

-- doug smith

The Process Gets Easier

Once you've figured out your goal the process gets easier.

-- Doug Smith

Room To Fly

Your wings won't work until you make room to fly.

-- Doug Smith

Weed That Garden of Goals

Few things are more confusing than living with competing goals. 

Find some clarity and direction, then weed that garden!

-- Doug Smith

What If That Feeling Is Wrong?

Be careful of embracing the feeling without considering the cause.

-- Doug Smith

Perspective Number 2

Where we sit changes our perspective, and that changes everything.

-- Doug Smith

Get Thru The Fire

You don't need a goal to get thru a fire but it might keep you from getting burned.

-- Doug Smith

Evolve Anyway

We don't always evolve painlessly.

Evolve anyway.

-- Doug Smith

Building Your Team: Even When They Don't Like Each Other

Put any number people in a room and some won't like each other. To turn that into a team is a task for a skilled high performance leader.

-- Doug Smith