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Quick Quote: Create That Picture

Creativity is sometimes the willingness to picture things better than they are, and then creating that picture.
-- doug smith

Stay Creative

Don't let anyone or anything stop you from being creative. It's power you have to use to make things better and achieve your goals. Sure, it sometimes might aggravate people. It might cause some people to bristle at having to look at things a new way. It's important. Stay with it.

Creativity will get you out of more trouble than it ever gets you into.

-- doug smith


I'm not a good dancer. I used to think that I was, but then I figured out that it was my partner who was such a good dancer that she could also make me feel like a good dancer. It was wonderful. And, when I realized later, when she'd moved on to a new partner, that I was NOT such a good dancer, at first I wanted to stop dancing. It was so disappointing. It was all just an illusion.

And then, I realized. It didn't matter. There are degrees of dancing. Somewhere there are people who dance even better than my former partner. Somewhere there are people who can hardly dance at all. No matter where we start, in dancing or in leading, we can always level up. Start where we are and get better. And, realize that the dance is not about us at all anyway. The dance is, and always has been, about your partners.

Your creative muse likes to dance. It will open up new roads to you. It will light you up and allow blood to flow to the places that make you tingle. Listen to that muse and wa…

Push Against Your Limits

Creativity, like leadership, requires us to stretch. To be at our most creative we must grow. Since we are surrounded by limitations, that can cause some discomfort. Which boundaries should we cross? Which lines are mental and which are metal?

How do we create without getting hurt (or worse, hurting?)

I'm not sure. Maybe that's the wrong question. Maybe the question is -- what limits should we ignore today? What limits should we buck against and stretch?

If a limit is telling you that you are NOT creative -- ignore it.
If a limit is telling you that you cannot grow -- defy it.
If a limit is telling you that the world doesn't need your creativity -- laugh it off.

The world needs you. The world needs your creativity. The world needs you at your creative best.

The creative life pushes against limits.

Keep pushing.

-- doug smith

Are You Paying Attention?

It's easy to get distracted. Screens call out to us everywhere. Even a once peaceful wait in a reception area is now punctuated by a wide-screen TV.

Heads down, we miss opportunities. Eyes locked on a screen, we miss the people around us.

That screen might spark a little creativity in you but most of the time it might also be standing in the way. Let your mind wander. Pay attention to your surroundings. Let nature spark a little creativity in you. Flow with that creativity and give it your full attention.

Not just a second, not just a moment, but your full attention. Creative notions have a habit of dissipating if we don't focus on them, pay attention to them, keep them alive.

The creative life is not a part-time creative swipe. The creative life is rich, deep, and full AND very jealous of screen time. It would rather have you spend time being creative.

The creative life wants your full attention.

How are you doing with that?

Creative Actions

Take a walk. Leave your phone at h…

Creativity We Breathe for Everyone

The creative life shakes hands with your better self, your happy self, your complete yet untapped potential self - a quick and colorful and powerful entity of sensational art. Living, walking, breathing creativity in the moment, in all moments, for ourselves, and for everyone.

-- doug smith

When In Doubt...

I like this creativity quote from Peter McWilliams:

"When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on Earth. So what the hell, leap!
-- Peter McWilliams

Grab the Moment

Your next great creative moment is right there in from of you.

Grab it!

-- doug smith

The Creative Life

The creative life keeps us energized.
-- doug smith

Connect the Unconnected

"Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected."
-- William Plomer


Let the imperfections of the world spark your creativity.
-- doug smith

Imperfect is Better

Are you a perfectionist? I can be. It can take endless revisions to reach the point of self-satisfaction with something that I'm working on. The problem is, it will never be perfect.

There are no perfect processes, no perfect people, no perfect projects, no perfect products. Perfection is the ghost of an illusion too tempting to ignore but too imperfect to perfect. Creativity doesn't care. Creativity goes on. Creativity fills the gaps.

Besides. Imperfect leaves room for growth. Imperfect leaves room for collaboration. Imperfect invites change.

Your art is not perfect but that's OK. Make your art anyway, whatever it is.

Your art is not perfect because imperfect is better.

-- doug smith

Creativity Transforms

No Permission Needed

We don't need permission to live creatively.

-- Doug Smith

Room To Fly

Your wings won't work until you make room to fly.

-- Doug Smith

Creative Emotions

Creative inspiration can come from any emotion.

-- Doug Smith

No Need to Fear Creativity

As much as we wish for that creative spark, some people are afraid of the flames.

Let creativity help you conquer your fear.

-- Doug Smith

What Are You Doing?

People don't always recognize creativity and may wonder what the heck you're doing. 

Tell them.

-- Doug Smith

No Need to Doubt Your Creativity

Never doubt your own creativity, even if others do.

-- Doug Smith

An Endless Supply of Solutions

The creative problem solver in you always has more solutions than you need.

-- Doug Smith