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Positive Prevails

Is it hard to muddle thru when people keep talking about how hard it is and how senseless it all seems?Of course. But it is not senseless. And the hard stuff build resilience to make us stronger, smarter, and more open to change. Everything you've ever done has helped to make you better. Keep going. Keep growing. Stay strong.It's hard to resist a relentlessly positive outlook.Stay positive because positive prevails over negative. It might take a while, but positive wins.-- doug smith

Go Big

Are you struggling with motivation? Do you know someone else who is?
You do get to choose how motivated you'll be. Go big.
-- doug smith

Quick Quote: Motivation

What motivates you, moves you.
-- doug smith

Quote: Finding the Best In Others

"You bring out the best in yourself by looking for the best in others."
Gene Bedley

The First Step to Motivating

How much time do you spend motivating your team?

Trick question? How about this for a bold answer: all the time. Every moment that you spend with your team is an opportunity to motivate.  When you inspire your team their performance elevates.

But, where to begin? How do you get that fully energized, totally motivated team?

The first step to motivating others is wanting them to be happy.
Wanting them to be happy enough that you ask. Wanting them to be happy enough that you collaborate on creating an environment where their happiness can flower and grow.

No problem, right? Try this: ask them what motivates them. What energizes them? What gets them excited? And then?  Listen.

-- doug smith

Call to Action: Stay curious about what makes your team members happy. Ask!

Chaos Cleaner

Life gives us chaos to clean out the unimportant and make room for significance.

-- doug smith