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Set Quality Goals

The quality of your goals changes the quality of your life. -- Doug Smith

Problem Solving and Success

We don't have to solve every problem to be successful, but it's hard to be successful without solving some problems. -- Doug Smith

What if?

What if we talked about our goals instead of what we do for a living? -- Doug Smith

Create Those Conversations

The conversations we avoid are the conversations we most need to create. -- Doug Smith

Room To Fly

Your wings won't work until you make room to fly. -- Doug Smith

How Matters

How you achieve your goals matters as much as what goals you achieve. -- Doug Smith

Creative Emotions

Creative inspiration can come from any emotion. -- Doug Smith

Weed That Garden of Goals

Few things are more confusing than living with competing goals.  Find some clarity and direction, then weed that garden! -- Doug Smith

What If That Feeling Is Wrong?

Blue Static Be careful of embracing the feeling without considering the cause. -- Doug Smith

Perspective Number 2

Where we sit changes our perspective, and that changes everything. -- Doug Smith

Get Thru The Fire

Red Center Vortex You don't need a goal to get thru a fire but it might keep you from getting burned. -- Doug Smith

Evolve Anyway

Are You Evolving? We don't always evolve painlessly. Evolve anyway. -- Doug Smith