Saturday, May 19, 2018

Learning Activity: Team Building Pictures

Each participant's smart phone.

Share with us the last ten pictures in your phone and tell us what they say about you.

Each person on the team shares.

Use a lower number of pictures if the team is larger than ten people.

What pictures should be in there but are not?

What does this say about the team?

What have you learned?

Go Forward

Why do people get stuck in their anger?

Anger feeds on itself. It's contagious. It spreads only ill feelings and seldom accomplishes value.
It gets in the way. I understand where it comes from. I feel angry myself sometimes. But it does not help us most of the time.

We all make mistakes. We change, we grow, we cross boundaries. We even hurt feelings. Let's let the feelings heal. Let's learn and move forward. You'll make mistakes and I'll make mistakes and the more passionate we are about what we do the more likely we are to cross those hard to see boundaries.

If you can forgive my mistake I can forgive your anger. Then we can both let go and go forward.

-- doug smith

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Challenge Your Fears

It's natural to feel fear when we're faced with a challenge. What if we fail? What if it's more than we expected? What if we're not up to the task?

We should be cautious. We should focus on doing what is achievable. And yet, so often what is achievable but challenging frightens us into immobility. We can become overly respectful of our fears to the point that they control us.

Let's try something different. Challenge your fears, don't worship them.

You are bigger than your fear anyway. So am I.

-- doug smith

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Keep Your Agreements

A broken agreement often breaks hearts.

Keep your agreements.

As you achieve your goals, as you solve your problems...

Keep your agreements.

-- doug smith

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Chaos Screams: Prioritize!

I'm still looking for someone who can do everything. Every task on their list, every task on their boss's list, every goal in their endless stream of goals.

I still haven't found them.

I'm still looking for the person who can finish everything they've started, who can achieve any goal while tackling all goals, and who never gets nervous in the process.

I still haven't found them.

No one can do everything.

Not even you.

Chaos comes when we try to do everything. Chaos comes when everything looks like it's as important as everything else. Chaos comes, and it screams.

Do you hear the screaming? Do you enjoy the screaming?

Chaos screams! Prioritize.

Prioritize and chaos will settle down.

-- doug smith

Saturday, April 21, 2018