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Evolve Faster

Have you noticed that some of your biggest problems from many years ago no longer bother you? You've likely solved them, outgrown them, or left them behind. That's not true for every problem of course, some physical problems stay a lifetime, and some systemic problems last for generations. Some problems truly are out of our control.But what can we do about the problems that we do have influence over, we just haven't yet solved?Working a useful problem solving process is one way. Continuing to learn is another way. Evolving and developing ourselves prepares us in whatever strategy we use. High performance leaders and performers keep growing. Evolve faster and you could make your most persistent problem obsolete.ffThen you'll be ready for something even bigger and better.-- doug smith

Share Responsibility for Success Now

Who is success up to?

It's fashionable to say it's up to you. After all, you ARE in charge of your own fate, right? And all it takes is a positive attitude, true?

Well, maybe more than that. Yes, a positive attitude is far preferable and much more enabling than a negative attitude. But it is not enough. You need to do the work...AND, more importantly, your team needs to do the work.

Leaders who contribute to their team's success are doing them a great service. Yay. Leaders who try to do it all do both themselves and their teams a disservice. It takes both. In communication, in project work, in achieving your goals.

Share responsibility for success. Step up when you're needed, and step back when you want to encourage  someone else to take charge. Allow people to own their own responsibility. Enable people to act, and then get out of their way.

Successful supervisors share responsibility for success.

What can you take charge of today? What can you let go of?

-- Doug Smit…

Keep Developing

We're either developing ourselves or falling behind.

What will you do to develop yourself today?

-- Doug Smith