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Take Charge of Your Future

What's in your future?
Have you set meaningful, noble goals to get you there? The future is neutral. You've got to drive the ride.
The future does not care if you are in it -- it's up to you.
-- doug smith

The Right Goal

How do you know if your goal is the right goal? 
We have so many goals to choose from. Some agendas get in the way of others. Some goals might even be mutually exclusive -- you can achieve one or the other but not both.
But some goals create more possibilities, not less. Some goals promote both sustainability and growth. Some goals are all win and no loss.
The right goal keeps the wrong problem from harming you.
Take you time in committing to a goal. And then, give it all you've got.
-- doug smith

Noble Goals

Noble goals are not easily discouraged.

-- Doug Smith

Grow Through Noble Goals!

Are you growing? Are you learning? Are you excited about what you're working on?

We need to keep growing. The alternative is just not appealing. Grow. Learn. Make new roads and set new directions.

Here are some goals worth growing for:

Achieve peace thru dialogueReform banking into a fair and stable systemBuild stronger relationships thru deeper conversations.Develop shared understanding by discovering, exploring and creating art and music.Normalize climate thru conservation and renewable energy

Do you need more?

That's a hefty list. Call it my wish list. Noble goals all. I have NO IDEA how to achieve any of them, they are all much bigger than me or my influence. But maybe you have a clue. Maybe you have a way. Maybe you know someone who knows someone get the idea.

We've got to start somewhere, AND we've got to grow, so why not grow thru noble goals.

Break them down. Get started. Grow.

-- Doug Smith