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No Point In Blaming

Do you know how it feels when someone blames you for something you didn't do? It is irritating, isn't it? And, even if you DID do it (and of course, you didn't, did you?) blaming does not help. When there is a problem, the goal is to solve it -- not assign blame. Claiming that it belongs to someone else might push it away momentarily but guess what? Like a whirling boomerang it comes whizzing back. 
Shifting a problem is not solving a problem, and when it comes back to you (and it will) it's worse.
Why not get started solving the problem?

-- doug smith

Turn a Problem Into a Project

Do you have a problem? Is it bothering you? Are you wondering what to do about it?
I like to think about big problems as projects: set a goal, design a plan, act relentlessly on that plan, energize myself and others, and learn constantly.
I don't always solve every problem. But it gets me started and I do solve most. Think of that problem as a project.
A problem is just a project ready to begin.
-- doug smith

Problem Attachment

Do you ever get attached to a problem?
Oh, I have. A problem can get so close to you that you don't remember living without it. It can ease its way into the fabric of your life and your work and you develop so many work-arounds that it just seems to fill a void. 
You don't need to fill that void.
A problem is much easier to solve if you don't fall in love with it.
Let go. Look forward. Set a goal. Get busy.
-- doug smith

Stay Persistent

Have you ever gotten frustrated while looking for the solution to a problem? It's not just common, we should probably expect it. If it was easy, it wouldn't be a problem, would it? Maybe we just need to keep thinking. Maybe we just need to quietly identify possibilities.

What if the best answer to your problem hasn't been thought of yet?
The answer, even if it's just "manage the outcomes and make peace with the problem" is likely there. Keep digging.

-- doug smith

Moving Forward

When people criticize you it probably is connected to their performance.

Maybe you didn't do what they expected. Maybe they think they can do it better. Maybe you just never agreed on what the performance would be.

I've learned to listen, process, frame, and move forward. When I learn how to fix the past, I'll get busy doing that, but in the meantime, what comes next matters so much more.

-- doug smith

See the Light

A problem left to its own tends to grow.
See the light. Find the solution. Fix that problem.
That's what high performance leaders do.
-- doug Smith

Possibilities Equals Power

Are you searching for more possibilities? Are you generating more ideas? There could be more possible ways to solve your problem than you will ever think of, so keep thinking, keep exploring. Possibilities equals power.

-- doug smith

Reframe Your Problem As a Goal

A problem turned into a goal is already headed for a solution.

-- doug smith