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Call Your Team Members

If you want to communicate better you may need to communicate more often.Maybe even every day.Reach out to each team member, no matter where they are, and try these three things today:AppreciateChallengeEncourage
It doesn't take an hour. It doesn't require a video. Just reach out.
You'll like the effect that it has. You'll feel like doing it again. Go ahead. 
-- doug smith

Your Team Cares About Your Character

What does your team think of your character? Do they know and understand your values? Would they say that you are living those values, every day?

We work hard at what we do. Leading has its glorious days and it has its tough days. No matter how hard you work, unless your character -- how you behave -- is trustworthy and noble, people will know. If your character turns people away, who will you lead?

People will forget your work if your character flaws get in the way.

No people are perfect -- not you, not me -- but I do my best to live each day with character and integrity. How about you?

-- doug smith

Leadership Call to Action: Have a three-part conversation with someone on your team today about one of your values.

How to do the three-part conversation:

Small talkTalk about one of your values and what makes it importantAppreciation for something that team member does that demonstrates that value or some aspect of that value

Leadership Conversations: Relationship Building

What are your leadership conversations about?

High performance leaders conduct all kinds of conversations -- around performance, goals, aspirations, tasks, schedules, development, customer service, process improvement...all KINDS of conversations. Something every high performance leadership conversation needs is time to build the relationship.

Unhurried. Deeper conversations. Getting to know your people.

That's one reason why two-thirds of the three part conversations we help develop at doug smith training contain relationship building:

1. Small talk
2. Big talk (goals, performance, etc.)
3. Appreciation

You could think of it as a performance sandwich but that's not all of it. The "bread" of that sandwich is all about getting to know each other better, spending meaningful time together, and bonding in such a way that working together becomes easier and more effective.

You're still the boss. You still get to decide in the end. But, as you get to know your people …