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No Point In Blaming

Do you know how it feels when someone blames you for something you didn't do? It is irritating, isn't it? And, even if you DID do it (and of course, you didn't, did you?) blaming does not help. When there is a problem, the goal is to solve it -- not assign blame. Claiming that it belongs to someone else might push it away momentarily but guess what? Like a whirling boomerang it comes whizzing back.  Shifting a problem is not solving a problem, and when it comes back to you (and it will) it's worse. Why not get started solving the problem? -- doug smith

Two Things to Do to Improve Service

Do you care about your customers? Do your customers care about you? Unless we truly, sincerely, passionately care for our customers why would they ever care about us? It's too easy to provide shoddy service. In a world where price dominates and the lowest bidder gets the gig, we learn to cut corners in order to make more time for more work because we need more work because each job pays less. It's gotten many businesses to where we are today. What if we paused long enough to think that thru? It is still true that you get what you pay for when it comes to quality. But, we control our end of that bargain. Here's what I'd like to see: As a customer, consider carefully every transaction for value instead of just for cost. As a service provider, provide the best service available from anyone at any price -- even when we're underpaid We can impact every transaction, one way or the other. Let's care truly, sincerely, and passionately about our customers and provide the

Recognize the Motivation

The motivation for a goal is as important as the goal. You can set a goal easily enough, but unless you really want to achieve that goal it will be a struggle. Find out what's in it for you. What is it that you get out of achieving the goal? How much do you care? When you care a lot you can do a lot. The motivation for a goal is as important as the goal. -- doug smith

Quick Quote: Motivation

What motivates you, moves you. -- doug smith

It Takes More...

Pretending to solve a problem does not get it solved. Ignoring a problem does not get it solved. Complaining about a problem does not get it solved. It takes work to solve a problem. -- doug smith

Turn a Problem Into a Project

Do you have a problem? Is it bothering you? Are you wondering what to do about it? I like to think about big problems as projects: set a goal, design a plan, act relentlessly on that plan, energize myself and others, and learn constantly. I don't always solve every problem. But it gets me started and I do solve most. Think of that problem as a project. A problem is just a project ready to begin. -- doug smith

When The Goal Is To Improve...

The answer to the question "is there a better way to do it?" is always yes. There are no perfect processes. Our goal is to improve them all. -- doug smith

What's Your Motivation?

How many goals can you handle at one time? For me, the number should be single digits. Oh sure, the task list is longer -- dozens of tasks -- but the goals are focused on what I really want. The goals are focused on outcomes that matter to me. I haven't always been able to limit the number this way. It comes in part from years of helping other people achieve their goals, and of even achieving goals given to me that had more to do with what other people wanted than what I wanted. It did tie together. My motivation was (and is) to serve. That can be reason enough. But a list of goals a mile long? There isn't enough time for that. How long is your list of goals? Do you know what you want from each one?  Before you start working on a goal, identify why you want that outcome. What's your motivation? Then, once you've done that, the energy will be there to actually achieve that goal. What do you think? -- doug smith

Problem Attachment

Do you ever get attached to a problem? Oh, I have. A problem can get so close to you that you don't remember living without it. It can ease its way into the fabric of your life and your work and you develop so many work-arounds that it just seems to fill a void.  You don't need to fill that void. A problem is much easier to solve if you don't fall in love with it. Let go. Look forward. Set a goal. Get busy. -- doug smith

Start With A Question

How do I know when I'm wrong? Have you ever thought about that? I know when I'm right -- don't you? But, there's my question. Don't I always feel like I'm right? Why else would I feel what I feel? Why else would I think what I think? There have been times -- well, OK, YEARS when I have clung to an idea that I thought was completely right only to discover later that it was not as clearly right as I thought. Things are usually more complicated than we give them credit for. What once made sense, over time, can take on new meaning or change completely. We're going thru a LOT of that now. Things are changing faster and faster. Ideas are morphing and transforming and fizzling and sizzling all over every day. What do we do with all that?  The more we cling to something that is wrong (inaccurate, unhelpful, disrespectful) the less good it does us or anyone else. Why do we do it? Sometimes, we don't know what we don't know.  It's like a moment in time, on

Why Do We Need Coaches?

Who has been your most valuable coach? I've been so lucky to have worked with fabulous, focused coaches. A great coach helps you stay motivated. An attentive coach holds you accountable. I haven't always been happy with what my coaches have had to say, but I have always benefitted from their feedback. We need coaches because it's so easy to neglect our goals. When, what we want, is to work those goals. Keep working. Listen to your coach. -- doug smith

Make the Solution a Goal

Is there a problem on your mind? What if that problem is just a prompt for a goal? Then you know what to do: - set the goal - get busy -- doug smith