Thursday, March 2, 2017


What's the one thing that leaders could do more of?


When it comes to managing projects, achieving your goals, and solving problems it is almost impossible to over-communicate. We tend to communicate less than we need when the stakes are the highest.

I work to remind myself constantly to communicate more robustly, more clearly, more creatively. To communicate with more courage and compassion. To communicate using a variety of ways (not just another email!) To constantly communicate.

How about you?

You probably aren't over-communicating.

High performance leaders over-communicate.

Not annoying missives. Not repetitive propaganda. Clear, concise, vision-focused communication delivered in a variety of ways:

- email (yes, sometimes)
- face to face (the strongest energy field for success)
- telephone (remember that?)
- voice mail
- posters
- videos
- presentations
- through intermediaries and spokespersons
- through endorsements
- advertising
- announcements

...You get the idea.

What's your most important message right now? How can you communicate that in more ways to the people who need that message the most?

-- Doug Smith

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