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Virtual Training: Supervising for Success

Fast, affordable leadership training ! Supervising for Success Whether you've just been promoted to supervisor or need a refresher on how to take the aggravation out of leading so that you can achieve your goals and enjoy your job more, this program will help. Discover what people are looking for in a leader, and what you can do to get what you're looking for from them. Discover how to: Build your leadership strength Set goals that motivate action Manage different personalities Delegate with confidence Motivate your team Supervise multiple generations Coach to improve performance Manage virtual teams Get more done and enjoy your job more The entire program is presented in one day. There are two sessions with a two-hour break between sessions. This is a zoom meeting but you will not be on camera. Schedule: 10:00 am ET to 12:00pm  Part One 2:00 pm ET to 4:00 pm, Part Two What to Expect: We start on time We get to the point There is no sales pitch You will NOT be on camera The sl

Provoke Something Positive

Leaders do not settle. Good enough is not enough. Almost will never do. As my dad used to say, "Anything worth doing is worth doing right," and leadership must be done in a fully attentive, fully focused, high performance way. High performance leaders insist on ever increasing performance. To get there, they encourage positive action after positive action. Step by ever reaching step to a higher level, to a better degree, to a higher quality. It's what high performance leaders do. High performance leaders provoke positive actions. What positive action will you provoke today? -- doug smith Leadership Call to Action The next conversation you have with anyone on your team today, take a moment to provoke a positive action. Encourage your team member to do more, to add quality, to add value to something otherwise routine. Keep provoking until that positive action is a reality -- and then keep provoking until that positive reality is a habit. You can do it. You

Fast, Affordable Leadership Training

Here are four ways to develop your leadership skills now: Leadership tool box - Click on any of the labels for any entry on this site to find more useful content, much of which will contain suggested actions for developing your skills and leadership calls to action to prompt you.  Teleclass Appointments  - You do not need to wait for a teleclass or webinar to be offered to sign up for it. Using our teleclass appointment system you can schedule the teleclass you want, when you want it.  Just click here . Supervisors Coaching Calls  - Attend our group coaching opportunity for front line leaders to discuss your leadership goals, action plans, insights, and challenges. Designed as a way to extend and apply the learning from previous workshops and teleclasses, but this coaching call is open to anyone who is working on developing leadership skills.  Register to participate  here . Supervising for Success  - Bring our live, in-person training program to your location. Get more  inform

Take Charge of Your Own Learning

Are you getting all the training that you need? As a leader, are you able to schedule all the training you want, whenever you want it? It's tough to do with budget constraints and time limitations. I can think of dozens of leadership programs I would have LOVED to attend when I was working in corporate life and, while I was truly fortunate to be able to attend many of them, some just feel outside of our time or budget constraints. That's why I'm now offering a flexible alternative. Lean, focused teleclasses that you can schedule, just like an appointment. I call them Teleclass appointments. Schedule one, or schedule the whole bunch. Each one is fairly priced and sharply focused. In thirty minutes you will learn a key skill or explore a high impact tool which you can than apply. The very affordable price ($30 for most of them) is payable when you make the appointment. Book it just for yourself or invite a friend to share your line at the same connection and it'

Peace Requires Patience

What could be more important to a leader than peace? We live in a world where peace cannot be taken for granted and where for much of the population peace is not even available. So many things that leaders have done in national interests, in theological interests, in self-interests, and in revenge or spite, have resulted in wars, not peace. Leaders with clarity, courage, creativity, and compassion choose peace. That means finding answers that may not be immediately satisfying. That means finding forgiveness when vengeance seems appropriate. That means standing up to constituents who demand any treatment of fellow human beings that is not human, not kind. Peace requires patience. What can you do today to bring about peace somewhere, somehow? -- doug smith   Leadership Call to Action: Be your best. Bring about peace.


I specialize in workshops to help you solve problems and achieve your goals by sparking and developing your creativity, clarity, courage, and compassion in these key areas: - leadership - project management - communication - productivity - creative and performing arts I take a customized approach to bringing sharply focused, action-based workshops to organizations. How much time do you have to train your people to dramatically improve their skills at solving problems and achieving your goals? Here is a selection of my most popular, and successful workshops: Supervising for Success  - Two day workshop for front line leaders. You'll start on your goals and create the alignment and traction you need to achieve them. Ideal for front line leaders in any organization, we have deep experience (and time-tested tools) especially suited for leaders in the retail and service industries. $149 per participant. Communicating for Results  - One day workshop to help you develop

Share Responsibility

Do you ever feel like you're doing it all? There is no end to how much work is available for a front line supervisor. The temptation is to do everything you can to make sure that all the work gets done, even if you do it yourself. It doesn't have to be that way. Share the love. Share the work. Match meaningful work to people who will enjoy it. Delegate everyday. Successful supervisors share responsibility. -- Doug Smith

Get the Leadership Training You Need

doug smith training develops high performance leadership with clarity, courage, creativity, and compassion. It's tough on the front end, dealing with your team, your customers, and your bosses. Get the leadership training you need to navigate the choppy seas of supervising. "Supervising for Success" is a two-day workshop that helps you to develop: The keys to leadership success Setting and achieving your supervisory goals Communicating for results Building your team Motivating yourself and others Time Management Coaching for performance Leading productive meetings Solving problems Leading ethically and effectively Supervising multiple generations in the workplace Prioritizing and handling multiple projects and goals Contact me today about bringing "Supervising for Success" to your location.