Take Charge of Your Own Learning

Are you getting all the training that you need?

As a leader, are you able to schedule all the training you want, whenever you want it?

It's tough to do with budget constraints and time limitations. I can think of dozens of leadership programs I would have LOVED to attend when I was working in corporate life and, while I was truly fortunate to be able to attend many of them, some just feel outside of our time or budget constraints.

That's why I'm now offering a flexible alternative. Lean, focused teleclasses that you can schedule, just like an appointment. I call them Teleclass appointments. Schedule one, or schedule the whole bunch. Each one is fairly priced and sharply focused. In thirty minutes you will learn a key skill or explore a high impact tool which you can than apply.

The very affordable price ($30 for most of them) is payable when you make the appointment. Book it just for yourself or invite a friend to share your line at the same connection and it's still the same price.

Thirty minutes. Thirty dollars.

Take charge of your own learning. Book a teleclass.

-- doug smith

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