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Today's Creative Affirmations

You deserve a day of creativity -- and you are well-equips to bring it on!

These are for you:

I know creativity when I see it because I am filled with creativity!However creative I have ever been has been just enough and now I can do more!I can create on my own and I can create in collaboration -- my creativity is my choice.No one can EVER talk me out of my creativity!Creative stuff is about to happen! -- great for you! Now go get creative!

-- doug smith

Draw Something

Do you still draw?

All of us draw when we're kids. Some better than others but all with imagination and enthusiasm. My first sketches were yellow wax pencils (designed for writing on glass) on black photo-album paper. Not brilliant. Not representational. But I still remember the moment of fun and abandon.

Draw something today. Draw it with total abandon. Let your tool decide, let your hand go wild, draw something.

Drawing something with open up a part of your creativity that will serve you well wherever you need it. And, don't you need it right now?

-- doug smith

Stay Positive, Curious, and Pro-active

Creativity gives you a lot and needs a little from you in return. It's not completely free. It needs creative people to stay positive, curious, and pro-active. See the possibilities. Wonder what would happen if...or when...or how...and then experiment. Play! Take action. Move things. Mix things up.

Staying positive helps you to deal with the inevitable challenges you will face to your own creativity. Staying curious helps you to look for the nugget of gold in a sea of sand; to seek the fascinating detail in a swarm of noise and to act on that curiosity while being pro-active and innovating -- to put your hands to work at creating.

Creativity is worth the effort. What will you be positive, curious, and pro-active about today?

-- doug smith

When In Doubt...

I like this creativity quote from Peter McWilliams:

"When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on Earth. So what the hell, leap!
-- Peter McWilliams

Your Creative Muse Wants to Play

from now on
do not stifle yourself
dig in dig it
like that jazz player so
deeply immersed in the lines
in the moment in the 
lingo that no amount
of discouragement or judgment can
bump the surface or flat a note
sharp is how we are born so
keep that face keep that pace keep
that race from detouring you
and your creative muse
your creative muse already knows
what you want to say
so go ahead and
let the creative muse play

-- doug smith

Today's Creative Affirmations

Cheer yourself up! Spark your own creativity! Try these creative affirmations on for size.
The more you create, the better you create.You can create something truly wonderful today.Everything you've ever done can feed your creativity now.Creativity extinguishes doubt.You care fabulously creative!

Now -- go create something wonderful!
-- doug smith

Creativity for Everyone!

Are you ready to expand and develop your creativity?

Experience the joy of finding that flow where your hands and mind meet in a space of innovation — where possibilities touch reality. 
Creativity for Everyone is for your inner artist — and also for your inner child. Spend a full day enjoying yourself, creating and interacting with others who are also creating like never before.

The kinds of creativity are endless and we can’t explore them all in one day, yet you will explore, discover, and perform creatively in several ways including improv, music, writing, movement, and drawing. You could end up with a masterpiece or two (or even more) or you could end up with the learning needed for your next step toward a masterpiece. What you are assured of is a fun, relaxed time of harmless and noncompetitive play. Join us and grin!
This creativity workshop is truly for anyone who is interested in creativity and having fun.

Materials (what to bring) to Creativity for Everyone!
Three of your favorite …

Creative Affirmations for the Day

Some positive phrases to energize you and your creativity:

I can always think of a creative and interesting new ideaMy creativity makes travel a pleasureUsing my creative skills helps me to do a better jobPeople respond favorably to my creativityWe all admire creative risks and it's good that I'm courageousMy creativity is an always available resourceMy creativity makes problems easier to solveToday I will develop my creativity

Creative Reflections:
When was the last time you took a creative approach to a routine situation? How did it turn out?What are your three best creative opportunities for today? What will you do that's fresh and new about them today? What will you do first?
-- doug smith

Imperfect is Better

Are you a perfectionist? I can be. It can take endless revisions to reach the point of self-satisfaction with something that I'm working on. The problem is, it will never be perfect.

There are no perfect processes, no perfect people, no perfect projects, no perfect products. Perfection is the ghost of an illusion too tempting to ignore but too imperfect to perfect. Creativity doesn't care. Creativity goes on. Creativity fills the gaps.

Besides. Imperfect leaves room for growth. Imperfect leaves room for collaboration. Imperfect invites change.

Your art is not perfect but that's OK. Make your art anyway, whatever it is.

Your art is not perfect because imperfect is better.

-- doug smith

Creativity Transforms

Creativity Changes Everything

What is your most powerful tool for change?

How do you break the constraints that stand in your way when you're looking for improvement? Creativity, your power to "bring into existence" (Merriam Webster online) is your own personal engine of growth. Movement in the direction of something new, expansion, birth, novelty, change -- are all variations of your ability to create and are all critical to the optimal state of balance and health.

Got a problem? Use creative thinking to explore possible solutions.

Launching a business? Discover creative ways to reach markets and satisfy customers.

Getting in shape? Keep it interesting and customized to your individual needs creatively. Make it new, make it fresh, make it cool.

Starting a relationship? Crete ways to interest the other person and listen and watch for what is distinctive and creative about the other person. Try new things, go new places, eat new foods, create new connections.

Creativity changes everything.

-- doug smi…

Creative Emotions

Creative inspiration can come from any emotion.

-- Doug Smith

Reject Rejection

The rejection of our creative work says nothing about its value.

Not everyone will get it. We won't all understand. It can take many iterations, many attempts, even many years for people to embrace the creative output that we produce. It's still valuable.

Hold onto your creativity and then let it go -- let it go INTO your work. Let it go INTO your life. Let it go INTO your soul.

Rejection is just a point of view.

-- Doug Smith

An Endless Supply of Solutions

The creative problem solver in you always has more solutions than you need.

-- Doug Smith

Get Creative

Hidden within every problem is a creative solution.

-- Doug Smith

Two Parts of Creativity

How would you define creativity?

Some people see it as a flash of inspiration. It's the appearance of a wonderful and mysterious muse. Suddenly great and beautiful things happen.

For others, it's not like that at all. Why wait for the muse? Sometimes the muse is fickle and hard to find. We need creativity all of the time. We can't wait for brilliant flashes of insight. We need to conjure up that magic ourselves.

Creativity is not just inspiration -- it's also dedication and hard work.

Put in the work. Watch the magic happen.

-- Doug Smith

Your Genius

The genius inside you knows how to find you.

-- Doug Smith

Step by Creative Step

Creativity likes it when you sneak up on it.

-- Doug Smith

Creative Goals

Want to increase the power of your goals? Make them more creative.

-- Doug Smith

Embrace The Odd

Do you know anyone who is a little bit, umm, odd?

Since I've worked in entertainment as well as business, and played in bands and made movies, I've known my share of odd people. People who have interesting habits that make them just a little different. Like collecting nail clippings in a jar (yes, someone I once lived with actually did that) or alphabetizing their yogurt in the refrigerator (yes, someone I'm quite sweet on does that). Odd can be good (except that same person with the yogurt does not like odd numbers) and extremely helpful when it comes to problem solving.

Problems need new ideas, new ways of doing things. When we are solving problems, we need all the creativity that we can get. What greater source of creative ideas than a problem solving team member who is a bit eccentric?

Who else would think of that game-changing idea? Who else could be more fun?

An eccentric problem solver is still a problem solver.

And that's what high performance leaders do: solve…