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Teleclass: How to Achieve Your Goals, on Oct. 11 at 11:00am ET

Thursday, October 11 11:00 am ET to 11:30 30/30 Thirty Minutes, Thirty Dollars

Discover a five-step process for achieving your leadership goals. In thirty fast minutes you'll be on your way to setting and achieving high performance goals. The hand-out is filled with information and activities that will direct you toward a faster, much more fun path toward achieving your goals.

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Creative Goals

Want to increase the power of your goals? Make them more creative.

-- Doug Smith

Behind the Goal

A life changing goal requires a habit changing plan.

-- Doug Smith

Successful Supervisors Achieve Their Goals

If you'd like to increase and improve your possibilities as a supervisor I can help you with that. It's what I do.

If you and others at your organization would benefit from a two-day workshop on high performance leadership, please contact me about "Supervising for Success." It's over twenty years of leadership experience, tools, methods, and techniques distilled into my "greatest hits." I love delivering this program and I enjoy watching supervisors realize that they CAN get stuff done without ticking people off. Let me show you how.

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Act On Your Goals

How are people doing at meeting your expectations on your goals?

Once people know my expectations, they do a much better job at meeting them. I've learned not to make anyone into a mind reader, because no one is any good at that.

Setting expectations is critical. Communicating those expectations is necessary. Acting on those expectations sets the important example for others to follow.

The world responds to action more than expectations.

Actions make your intent undeniable. Actions show your resolve. Actions get things done. Action propel others into actions.

Act relentlessly on your plan, and your plan will achieve your goals.

--  Doug Smith

Keep Working On Your Goals

Have you faced many challenges in continuing on your goals lately?

I get challenges every day. Things that should be routine go sideways. People need attention. Processes break. Weather happens. It can all add up to what looks like an insurmountable wall, but it's not. Chip away. Work your plan. Even steel walls have cracks in them.

The world makes it all too easy to let go of your goals. You've got to work to keep your goals working.

Set a solid plan and work it. Focus. Accomplish something on your biggest goal everyday. It's up to you to act relentlessly on your plan. And relentless is needed, because go you can go slow or you can go fast but half-fast will never do.

-- Doug Smith

Announce Your Goals

Are your goals a secret?

Whenever I keep a goal a secret, it gives me instant anonymous forgiveness to not achieve it. Who knows? Who cares?

Whenever I TELL someone about a goal I am far more likely to achieve it. I don't ever want to explain why I didn't achieve a goal. The accountability factor multiples my efforts and increases my chance of success.

Secret goals are seldom useful.

Secret goals don't engage others, mobilize commitment, or bring about change with the energy of collaboration.

Announce your goals. Tell people about them. Increase your chances for success.

What's your goal for today?

-- Doug Smith

Create Better Goals

How do you get better results?

Create better goals.

It's not all that you need but it's a great place to start. Whenever I create a goal that I find to be energizing that translates into more attention and action. Whenever I create a goal that has a noble outcome, I feel better about devoting resources to achieving it.

Great goals are exciting. Great goals contain opportunity for growth. Great goals get you going.

Here are what I believe to be the three key ingredients for great goals:

The action word explains exactly what you will do. Create, make, deliver, teach, propel, design, change, sell, fabricate, transplant, modify, steer, obtain, tell, paint, draw, write...words like that.

The result is what you plan to achieve, usually expressed with some unit of measure. For example - a 200 word novel, 150 pounds, a graduate degree in chemistry, fifty new prospects, a year without crime, three healthy meals a day...whatever it is that you want to achieve.


Find An Accountability Partner

Do you think that people can achieve their goals without some sense of accountability?

There may be some people who are so focused and so dedicated that they truly act relentlessly on their goal action plan and always achieve their goals.

But some of us need help. Some of us benefit from an accountability partner to check in, ask how we're doing, and advocate for staying the course when temptation or lethargy threaten to derail our goals.

Who holds you accountable for achieving your goals?

Is it worth finding someone who will help?

-- Doug Smith

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Do More With Your Goals

Do you have goals that you just aren't making progress on? Did you, as many of us do, write great goals with all good intentions only to let them sit idle, unfinished and unachieved?

That's not cause to be ashamed because it happens. It's not a reason to punish ourselves. But, it is a reason to redirect our energy toward achieving what we set out to do. It's a little alarm that says "hey, buddy, get moving!"

Not having goals is surrender. Not achieving your goals is surrender. You are meant for more than that.

Don't surrender!

What's the next step on your best goal? What can you do on it today?

-- Doug Smith

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Drop Those Excuses

What's your favorite excuse for avoiding your goals?

We all make them. Little reasons why we can't work on our action plan today. Rationalizations for why we won't be achieving our goals today. Lies we tell ourselves to make us feel better about missing something important.

Here are some of mine:

I won't have enough time to finishSomeone will interrupt meI should really read some of my twitter feed to keep up with what's going on There are more, I'm sure -- but you get the idea. What are some of your favorite excuses?
Here's the point: our excuses are not serving us well. They get in the way. They stop us from getting what we want. They slow us down.
One of the keys to achieving your goals is to drop your excuses. Just stop it. Just cut it out. Move forward and work through them.
Drop your excuses and time wasters. It's so important, it's part of my IDEAL process for achieving your goals:

Improve the World

Are you working on a really big goal?

Bigger than career advancement, bigger than obtaining things, bigger than learning a new skill -- are you working on something that will change the world?

I know that it's important to achieve little goals because they encourage us, they propel us forward, and they lead us to bigger goals. It's also important to keep in the plan some major life-changing goal. Some noble purpose that will construct your legacy and (more important than that) improve life for the generations who follow us.

Does what you're working on have the potential to change the world?

If not, what can you add to it that will? What should you be working on?

Imagine a book written with you as the central character. What do you want to be known for? What is your mission? What is the theme of your story?

And, most importantly, what's your next step?

-- Doug Smith

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What's One of Your Goals?

Do you have a list of goals? If that list is short enough you could be working on those goals every day.

One of my goals is to help as many people as possible achieve as many noble goals as possible as quickly as possible.

How about you?

-- Doug Smith

If you're interested in learning more about how to achieve your goals, check out our webinar here.

Drop Excuses

What might stop you from reaching your goal?

Every goal has a list of things which stand in the way and must be dropped.

Things like...

-- excuses
-- time wasters
-- ambiguities
-- mixed priorities
-- other people's goals that don't match yours
-- recreational activities
-- too much facebook, twitter, etc...

You name it. Your own goals have their share of roadblocks with one cure: drop them.

Get rid of whatever stands in the way of your goal, or watch it stand in the way. Where do you start? Drop them from your conversations, from your presentations, and from your meetings. By dropping excuses you will immediately begin to create better conversations, more productive meetings, more creative writing, and more powerful presentations. Won't that be useful? Won't that be nice?

You decide.

-- Doug Smith

Share Your Goals to Increase Their Power

Your goals gain power when they also become someone else's goals.

Suddenly, you have the force of multiple people on your side.

The stakes are higher. You've got partners who can help, who care, who will push forward with you.

You've got more power for your goals.

Who do you know who can share your goals? Could you create a better than ever conversation by including your goals? 

When will you ask them?

-- Doug Smith

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GOALS for Today

How will you inspire yourself to work on your goals today?

Today, out of nowhere, this little acronym occurred to me:

Go strong
Overcome obstacles
Act relentlessly
Learn constantly
Serve the greater good

What do you think? Maybe it's not a whole training program. Maybe it's not a teleclass. Time will tell. But, it makes sense for today, don't you think?

Goals require us to go strong and act decisively. We must take action!

When we do take action we are likely to experience resistance (from ourselves and from others) so it makes sense to work to overcome those obstacles. Don't let them stop us. Move forward.

Which brings us to the need to act relentlessly. We'll get distracted. We'll be given new work to do. Relationships will bring up new needs. But even while all that and more is going on we much work our plan. We must act relentlessly on our plan.

When we are assertively working on a plan we are likely to make some mistakes. New opportunities arise. The ground shif…