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What's Your Motivation?

Any goal is harder to achieve unless you have a solid reason for wanting to achieve it. Motivation matters.Before you begin all that hard work on a goal, maybe ask yourself this question: why do you want it?If you really DO want it, if the reason is compelling enough it will propel you into motion. And, if it's not, hey, work on something else!-- doug smith

Thinking about Thinking?

Are you thinking too much? 
I'm a thinker. I like to think. I like to think so much that I over-think some things. It can be immobilizing, and that's not useful. It's useful to be cautious. It's responsible to plan for contingencies. But, it's silly to think until I fall into stinking thinking -- talking myself out of what I want or need to do. 
It's better to stay inspired. 
If you aren't inspired you're either thinking too much or too little.
Plan well, then get moving.
-- doug smith

Are You Waiting for Permission?

Permission is a tricky thing. It can be important in an organization. Leadership has its needs, and one of those needs is order. Too much recklessness -- by the leader or the team, can lead to a chaos that spins out of control.

Get permission when you need it. Breaking rules will almost always catch up to you, and the price is always higher than expected.

But -- and this is an important condition to consider -- don't wait for permission when you don't need it. If you have been empowered to take action, take action! If you have discussed your strategic move with those affected and reached consensus, take action!

I've gone so far as to wait silently for permission, as if my boss could read my mind and anticipate the situation. How silly. Instead I've learned to take action.

Waiting for permission, when it is neither needed or implied, is wasting time. Let go of the fear and move. Cautiously, perhaps -- but move!

Don't let "waiting for permission" become an…