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The Essential Question

Helping someone else solve a problem could help you solve ten of your own.
How is that? By helping others you develop your problem solving skills, and that will serve you later. Also by helping others you build relationships with people who may well help you later to solve your own problems.
The essential question is "how can I help?"
-- doug smith

Two Things to Do to Improve Service

Do you care about your customers? Do your customers care about you?
Unless we truly, sincerely, passionately care for our customers why would they ever care about us?
It's too easy to provide shoddy service. In a world where price dominates and the lowest bidder gets the gig, we learn to cut corners in order to make more time for more work because we need more work because each job pays less. It's gotten many businesses to where we are today.
What if we paused long enough to think that thru? It is still true that you get what you pay for when it comes to quality. But, we control our end of that bargain. Here's what I'd like to see:
As a customer, consider carefully every transaction for value instead of just for cost.As a service provider, provide the best service available from anyone at any price -- even when we're underpaidWe can impact every transaction, one way or the other.
Let's care truly, sincerely, and passionately about our customers and provide the best …

Goals In Service to Others

Are goals selfish? Is it self-centered to pursue your goals?

Our goals are important. Successful goal achievement brings positive results along with a healthy sense of self-accomplishment. It builds our esteem. Even when those goals are dedicated to outcomes that benefit others more than ourselves, in fact, perhaps more so.

Serving others as we achieve our goals builds good will, strong relationships, and more sustainable results. When others are happy, in addition to ourselves, the results are more likely to persist.

It is at once unselfish AND self-improving. It's a winning combination: creating and achieving goals that serve others.

We are best at achieving our goals when they are in service to others.

I'm in favor of the best results possible for all. How about you?

-- doug smith

Helping Others Helps Us

How much time do you spend helping others to achieve their goals?

If you work for an employer, that is likely a lot. Much of our day is spent in helping our team members, in doing assignments for our bosses, in meeting the needs of customers, and all kinds of things that have little to do with our own goals. But all that IS directly related to our own goals.

We build relationships. We improve our skills. We gain experience.

The more we help others achieve their goals the more we are able to achieve our own goals.

So don't resent the time you spend helping others with their goals. It's all an investment in your own success as well

-- Doug Smith