Thursday, February 9, 2017

Don't Tolerate Unproductive Meetings

Have you ever sat in a meeting and thought "well, here's an hour (or two) of my life I'll never get back...?"

Most people have. We get stuck in unproductive meetings. We find ourselves wondering why they couldn't just have sent an email. Or we wonder why they had a meeting at all, since nothing is getting done.

Bad meetings result in the single biggest waste of time in organizational life.

In my workshops I tell people that "you are hereby empowered. You no longer need sit thru an unproductive meeting ever again. If you have the courage."

If you have the courage to lead from the back of the room. If you have the courage to lead from any chair. If you have the courage to grab that moment of unproductive noise and make a suggestion. Make a recommendation. Redirect the group. You probably know already that you are not the only person in the room who feels the meeting slipping away. Redirect it.

Risky? Sure. You might need to build some relationships in the room first in order to do it. You do not necessarily want to do this the first time people meet you. But, to sit thru endless and countless nonproductive meetings is a very special kind of masochistic, and that's probably not for you.

High performance leaders do not tolerate unproductive meetings.

Stand up. Raise your hand. Raise your voice. Do what it takes to take charge and redirect that opportunity. The people in the room will thank you.

-- Doug Smith

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