Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Even High Performance Leaders Need Training

Can you spot a leader who needs more training?

As a trainer of course, my answer (somewhat biased!) is easy: look at any leader - they all need more training.

And in a way, all leaders do need more training. We all must continually learn. The learning never stops.

But you and I both know that there are some leaders who need training more than others. Whether they are struggling with the basics of supervising (which, it turns out, are not so basic after all) or with the vagaries of higher level strategy, their struggles point out a need for training. It is especially evident when a leader struggles in one of two key areas: results, and relationships.

As a leader it is easy to forget how intertwined these two areas are. Mess up the relationships, and the results will suffer. Miss on the results and the relationships may never have time to develop.

Leaders must work on, learn about, and train how to excel at developing both relationships and results.

Who do you know who needs more leadership training?

Could it be you?

I know I'm not done with my training. How about you?

-- Doug Smith

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