Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Courageously Prioritize Your Goals

Do you ever get stuck setting priorities?

I work with lots of people who struggle with what to work on. By trying to work on everything, they feel like they aren't finishing anything. That's a formula for frustration.

We need to prioritize. We need to decide what is most important and also what is less important. What's less important then must get less attention so that we can focus on what is important.

That takes courage.

It takes the courage to make the decision. It takes the courage to let people know. And, it takes courage to stay the course when other people resist your decision.

Not all goals are created equal. There are some goals that we will never finish. Why not finish the ones that are important? Why not focus on the goals that contribute to and align with your mission?

That's what centered, high performance leaders do. That's how goal achievers achieve.

Sometimes it takes courage and determination to prioritize your goals.

Take that courage and things get easier. Are you ready?

Doug Smith

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