Monday, September 21, 2015

Prioritize Your Goals

What is your number one goal?

Which goal, if given the opportunity, you'd want the most people to know about?

We've all got tons of goals. Sometimes we have too many goals to keep track of them all. When I find myself getting lost in the details and spinning my creative wheels it's likely due to having too many goals.

It's good to have lots of goals, but we still need to prioritize. We need to have a number one goal. As one of my great mentors Anne Delaney once said to me, "You have one number one goal. When you achieve that number two gets a promotion."

That has always stayed with me.

How to prioritize your goals - which one would you most like to talk about on The Tonight Show? That's your number one goal.

What's your number one goal? What are you doing to achieve it right now?

-- Doug Smith

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