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Two Things to Do to Improve Service

Do you care about your customers? Do your customers care about you?
Unless we truly, sincerely, passionately care for our customers why would they ever care about us?
It's too easy to provide shoddy service. In a world where price dominates and the lowest bidder gets the gig, we learn to cut corners in order to make more time for more work because we need more work because each job pays less. It's gotten many businesses to where we are today.
What if we paused long enough to think that thru? It is still true that you get what you pay for when it comes to quality. But, we control our end of that bargain. Here's what I'd like to see:
As a customer, consider carefully every transaction for value instead of just for cost.As a service provider, provide the best service available from anyone at any price -- even when we're underpaidWe can impact every transaction, one way or the other.
Let's care truly, sincerely, and passionately about our customers and provide the best …

The Path to Happiness

The goal isn't goals; the goal is happiness. And, the strongest path to lasting happiness is thru service.

-- doug smith

Always Offer Your Best

Have you ever noticed that a business you are dealing with suddenly offers a better deal to NEW customers than what you already have?

How does that make you feel?

Big data has produced so much specific stratification in our customer worlds that it is now possible to only give our best to those customers who are most profitable. It is possible to overlook those customers who have been loyal (and have gotten us to where we are) in favor of recruiting new customers. It is possible to treat different classes of customers differently.

Does that feel intuitively right to you? What if you're a member of a class that's treated with lower quality than another? Chances are, that IS happening to you in one transaction or another.

Do we really want to keep building a society where those who pay more are treated better? What about offering everyone our constant best?

That doesn't mean that we stop using data to identify our best opportunities or serve our best customers exquisitely well…

Answer The Phone

Do you answer your phone?

I do, but then most professionals in my generation do, too. There probably aren't as many generational differences in the workplace as people focus on, but I've noticed that one difference is how we treat the phone. A phone call means different things to different people, even different generations.

A phone call is still important. Even as we rely more on email and text messages and other ways of communicating online, a phone call provides a type of immediacy that can only be gotten in person or on the phone. It's vital for establishing and supporting customer relationships. It's critical to achieving your goals.

People who don't answer the phone are missing great opportunities to connect with customers, clients, and possible partners. 

Don't leave this very human element of relationship building unattended. Don't let your call-prompting system screen every-single-call so that no one can actually build a dialogue with you. Answer th…