Thursday, May 28, 2015

Manage The Extremes

Do your strengths ever go to far?

Doesn't it seem like anything taken to the extreme becomes too much of a good thing, becomes less than a good thing?

It's the assertive person who becomes aggressive. It's the accommodating person who becomes passive aggressive. It's the peaceful person who stands by and let's bad things happen. It's the warrior who rebels against authority until all order is gone. It's taking things too far.

Our greatest strengths tend to expose our greatest weaknesses.

We compensate. We transfer. We blame other people. And relying only on our strengths can start to make extremes seem reasonable.

Exposing our weaknesses is not all bad. It provides opportunity. It sparks conversation. It humbles us just when we are at most risk of acting in narcissistic ways.

I've learned to embrace my weaknesses, not for the sake of keeping them but to avoid rationalizing them. To work on them. To find help from others and manage the extremes.

How about you?

-- Doug Smith

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