Saturday, June 20, 2015

Listen Without Judging

Do you evaluate what someone is saying, while they're saying it?

Do you ever have your mind made up before someone is done talking?

I've done that. Many times. It's easy to jump to our own answers, and our own solutions before we hear the whole story.

We need to hear the whole story (or at least enough of it so that we know what the story really is).

Here's the best way that I know. Listen with curiosity. Listen without judging what the other person is saying or who they are. Listen.

To find the true causes of a problem we need to listen without judging.

It's not always easy. It takes practice. To get past our inner filters and snap judgements, it's worth the effort.

Are you willing to listen with curiosity?

-- Doug Smith

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What have you learned today?

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