Sunday, June 7, 2015

Let Go Of Imbedded Solutions

Do you have a favorite solution?

I've misapplied solutions sometimes simply because they were my favorite answers. Need more flexibility? Take all the flexibility you need. Or not. The answer that first pops into our mind is not always the right answer. It's just the answer we know best.

That big problem might be easier to solve once we let go of that ineffective solution so deeply imbedded in us.

We might be conditioned to pick that idea. We might be in a pattern of dysfunction. We might be wrong.

Can you let go of an imbedded solution long enough to make room for something new?

You can always come back to your favorite idea if it turns out to be the best one. But it often isn't.

Solving project problems usually means creating something completely new. Where do your best NEW ideas come from?

-- Doug Smith

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