Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Keep Moving

How do you feel about the status quo?

In the project management world, status quo is not enough. We must keep moving. We must act relentlessly on our plan. We must stay creative.

I'm fond of quoting my friend Andrew Oxley about this: "In nature there is no stasis. We can choose growth or we can choose decay but there is no standing still. Life only knows those two directions."

That's your project. There is no standing still. If it's standing still, it's decaying or getting worse or falling behind schedule or running over budget. There is no stasis.

There's no standing still so we might as well move in the direction we need to go.

Keep moving. It's your best option.

What part of your action plan has been standing still lately? What will it take to get it moving?

-- Doug Smith

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