Criticism And...

Are you good at criticism? I am. It's so easy to find what's wrong with something and there have been times when I'm more than happy to share that criticism. What I've learned, though is that criticism may be necessary but there are useful and not useful ways of delivering it.

Negative energy comes from negative input. If all I communicate is what is wrong with what I see, it both shuts down the desire for feedback AND distorts what I see. It would be extraordinary for anything to be all wrong, or all right. There are degrees of excellence.

High performance leaders work to increase the degrees of excellence. That is helped by respecting whatever we're evaluating. Share your observations, certainly. Just be sure to observe what works as well as what does not work.

Balance criticism with hope and confidence or the criticism will do more harm than good.

And high performance leaders are all about doing what's good.

-- doug smith

Leadership Call to Action:

Today, when you catch yourself delivering some criticism, pause long enough to also identify what value you find in the thing or person you are criticism. Share that, too.

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