What If We Start With Appreciation?

Do you believe that you are appreciated enough? If so, you are probably lucky and have a healthy sense of self-esteem. Many people do NOT feel appreciated enough.

Leaders often do a great job of applying pressure on their teams to achieve more. The results do improve. Does it matter how people feel about it?

I think that it does matter. You can only push so long before the pushing leads to falling down. People can drift into being difficult because their lives have become difficult. The job is a big part of that. Too much pressure and release is unstoppable. That can make a person seem difficult.

No one wants to feel taken for granted. We all crave appreciation. Some people crave far more than they ever receive, leaving a gap where something must fill the emptiness. That something could make the person seem troubling and difficult.

It's hard to appreciate a difficult person, but until we do they are likely to stay difficult.

-- doug smith

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